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3D Consultancy Tool for Architects and Planners

Kenngott Consultancy Tool for Architects
Customers want customized solutions – across all industries. With possibility comes self-perception: customers expect tailor-made solutions and, when it comes to their interiors, don’t want to leave anything to chance. Particularly cost-intensive products should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. That goes for furniture, but also…


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Configurable Storage with Bruynzeel

Configurable Storage with Bruynzeel configurator bruynzeel

Image source: http://bruynzeel-storage.com

Storage is often overlooked, pushed to the background of many renovation and design projects. Truth be told, what we store actually deserves our utmost attention. After all, we wouldn’t be storing it in the first place if it wasn’t of some importance. From user manuals and personal items to the storage of fine art collections and archives, storage systems are essential in maintaining the integrity and condition of the items being stored away.


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