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Tinge up your office space – but which color would suit best?

Picking the right palette for your space can be puzzling. There is a lot at stake when it comes to getting your employees in the mood for productivity at work– it could be a great hit or miss! more…

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Like This or Like That

How we perceive our environment and how it affects us has been studied for centuries. From the ancient art of Feng Shui, to the study of architectural phenomenology from the early 1950s, trying to understand how we physically and emotionally connect with a space is no new concept. From light and shadows, to object placement, materials, colors and accessories, even the tiniest aspect of a room’s design can affect how we feel. To demonstrate, we’ve used the pCon.planner to show how the same piece of furniture can fit into two entirely different settings, one cozy and calming and the other airy and light, by simply changing aspects like color and materials.
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