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Merry Christmas!

We wish you and your family a happy and peaceful Christmas.

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pCon.planner: 10 shortcuts for a boost in productivity

We all have this one friend or colleague whose computer skills and dexterity make us look envious. But beware, this is no magic trick! Real power users know the meaning of shortcuts. They improve our working day and our productivity, because with them we can perform frequently recurring actions faster.

In this blog we have summarized 10 interesting key combinations for working with the pCon.planner: more…

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Exclusively during imm – meet pCon at DESIGN POST

Meet pCon at DESIGN POST
Meet us at DESIGN POST in Cologne from 13 to 19 January 2020 and experience pCon.


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pCon.planner 8.2 – Next Level Layout

The layout area in pCon.planner PRO is a powerful tool to create project presentations and true-to-scale print pages. The requirements for this component are manifold: It has to integrate smoothly into the workflow, external media as well as planning contents have to be processed and important project information has to be accommodated. Of course, the output of the pages should also be as easy as possible.


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Use New Render Mode in pCon.basket with Dedicated Graphics Card

In the upcoming release of pCon.basket 1.13.0, we’ll introduce a new render mode to the offer-tool, which will deliver a much better display quality. However, to use this functionality, dedicated graphics cards with current drivers are required. In some cases, these graphics cards have to be assigned directly to pCon.basket (no admin rights are necessary), otherwise it uses the integrated graphics card. Read in this article how this works for Windows 7, 8 and 10.


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pCon.planner 8.2 – Add 3D content to your PowerPoint presentations

Creating appealing presentations is a daily business for specialist planners and interior designers. The goal is to present changes and progress in the project, to promote new ideas and to create transparency. This often raises the question of which perspective shows the right details and gives the customer the best overview.


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pCon.planner: Intuitive and dimensionally accurate drawing of floor plans

The pCon.planner is predestined for this task. One of its strengths is importing floor plans, drawing walls, doors and windows and thus transforming a two-dimensional top view into a three-dimensional project.

For this purpose pCon.planner offers the “Enhanced Element Placement”, with which dimensions for all possible room and wall objects can be taken dynamically from the floor plan. Once learned, this technique saves an enormous amount of time when tracing architect floor plans.


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pCon.planner 8.2 – New possibilities for image editing

Many manufacturers provide high-quality product images on their websites or in PIM systems. These can now not only be inserted in the pCon.planner, but also edited. This enables planners and interior designers to create coherent presentations even faster without having to access an external tool.


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