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Store Window Design – Convincing Peeks Inside Shopping Worlds

A shop window is able to achieve a lot. More than you might think when passing by. That’s why a well-made display window is still the number one choice for advertising – it stops the customer, makes him interested in buying and subsequently he will become a convinced client.
iWatch Store Window - It's all about presentation

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Virtual Reality Showcase

If you believe the data from the U.S. market research company Super Data, more than 6 million virtual reality headsets were sold worldwide in 2016. So, is it just a fleeting trend or could this be the future of how we use and buy media? No one can know for sure… but if the numbers are right, than one thing is certain: the economic magnitude of this topic must be reevaluated – that goes for the office furniture industry, too.
VR opens up completely new experiences
Image source: http://www.vrs.org.uk

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Contract furnishing at a high level

Many individual questions arise when contract furnishers use a software like pCon.planner. They need to transform interior spaces into worlds of well-being, all with a unity of purpose and design – practically functional and healthy as well as aesthetically inviting and pleasant. With these and other important aspects in mind, two employees from the planning department of the company Diekmann were sent to a pCon.planner individual training to the thuringian town Ilmenau. As a traditionally grown company, Diekmann GmbH & Co. KG operates nationwide and has numerous foreign references in the field of hotel, catering and contract furnishing.

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STIHL – Virtual Shop Design, Innovative Product Presentation

Everything for the Dealer Network: Roadshow with a Technical Twist. Once again it’s time for STIHL to host its annual roadshow “STIHL VIKING Treff”, showcasing their latest products, marketing activities and news concerning their dealer network. As usual STIHL proves to have an eye for quality and an innovative mindset not only when it comes to their products but also by using the newest technology for their presentations. The keyword here is “Virtual Reality”. But let’s start at the beginning…


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Bring Ergotron products to life in beautiful 3D clarity!

Architects and designers now have the ability to directly integrate Ergotron’s desk mounts into their office-design plans. At launch, four of Ergotron’s desk mounts are available as OFML data, including the latest single and dual monitor mount options, to give customers the greatest flexibility in meeting workspace design and technology requirements.
Bring Ergotron products to life in beautiful 3D clarity more…

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How to Build a Tray in pCon.planner

A little DIY Tray - made in pCon.planner
Today’s post isn’t about offices or interior trends. Instead, I’d like to address a problem – or more positively formulated – a challenge that those working with 3D or CAD software in the interior design area have most certainly been faced with: I looked for a 3D model of a tray (or at least something that looked like one) for a private project. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. So what now? It’s time for a little DIY!


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Warm Up Your Space with These Summer Trends!

Warm Up Your Space with These Summer Trends! trends room planning pCon.planner interior design

Warm, sunny days and cool, breezy nights – who doesn’t love the freshness and vitality of summer? There are plenty of ways to celebrate the liveliness of the season, and your interior design is a good place to start! To celebrate the summer months, we thought it’d be fun to gather a few of the creative ways you can bring the joy of summer to your own space – both indoors and out!


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Taking Control – Tips and Tricks for Better Planning

Taking Control – Tips and Tricks for Better Planning tips room planning pCon.planner

pCon.planner offers a wide spectrum of functions that allow users to create fantastic plans with various demands – simple, quick and professional planning. Nevertheless, you seem to run into a few annoying discrepancies during the planning process: it doesn’t matter what you try, you just can’t seem to insert the floor and the walls don’t seem to stay in place. Or maybe you don’t realize until the rendering starts that the shelf is slightly hovering over the ground or something with the room just isn’t right. To help you avoid such scenarios, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks that will help you move seamlessly through the planning process.


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pCon at Clerkenwell Design Week

London is always worth a visit and next week there’s yet another reason to make the trip to the British capital: From May 23 – 25, the 8th edition of Clerkenwell Design Week will take place. At the heart of London, creative companies will be opening their offices, artists their studios and international brands their showrooms. EasternGraphics will also take part in this year’s Design Week.
EasternGraphics at Clerkenwell Design Week more…

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Product Visualization: One checkmark, a world of difference.

Product Visualization: One checkmark, a world of difference. sales presentation pCon.planner

Humans are visual beings. When we look at an image, it has far more impact than we may consciously think. We process images quicker, we connect with them emotionally and – above all – we remember them.


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