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Visualizing Your Dental Space – Stomacom in the pCon.catalog

Who said the pCon.catalog has to be filled exclusively with office chairs and conference tables? There are plenty of retailers looking to fill other types of spaces, too. Take those working in the dental branch, for instance. Just as sales reps in the office industry are looking to visualize the ideal office space for their customers, so too are those working in the dental industry. That’s where Stomacom comes in!
Visualizing Dental Spaces - Stomacom in pCon.catalog more…

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3D Visualizations from a Pro – Interior Architect Uses pCon.planner

For those working as interior architects and designers, it’s hard to miss the theme 3D room planning. It’s rare to find something that impresses the customer more than a virtual view with 3D models or a photorealistic image of a future interior design. It’s almost always irrelevant whether you’re dealing with an office or apartment building, a dental practice or educational institution – the eye takes part in the sale and can decide the success or failure of a plan in seconds. Thomas Lange, an interior architect from the Thüringian town of Meiningen, is well aware of this.


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Interactive Product Presentation: Virtual Reality with Actiu

Interactive Product Presentation: Virtual Reality with Actiu

Experiencing furniture. 360° panoramas and virtual reality are all the rage. We talk about these ideas, technologies, opportunities and devices – but are there really measurable results for such enthusiasm? Time and time again we see impressive projects created by our customers. They speak of practical relevance and the significance of new presentation opportunities in a world where products are no longer just a product, but rather one piece of a complex, interactive solution that can be brought to life.


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Background Images: The Best View for your Plan

Background Images: The Best View for your Plan rendering OSPRay Background

How will my building look when it’s standing where it should? Once the interior of your plan is complete, this is a question you may be confronted with. Sometimes a skyline fits best in the background, other times a beach. In some cases a view of the actual location is in order. In any case and until now, the answer to the above question may have required several renderings before the before backdrop was found. With pCon.planner 7.4, things have changed!


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OFML data for Zumtobel lighting solutions now available

Image source:

For the first time, the Austrian company Zumtobel is providing planning data for pCon.planner that allows you to quickly and easily create your own article lists for quotations and proposals. The company has two LED floor lamps CAPA and LINETIK already in play, but it’s only just begun. More OFML data for Zumtobel lighting is on its way! more…

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pCon.planner in the eyes of an interior designer

Lorena Štimac is an interior designer from Zagreb who stumbled across pCon.planner while working for her former employer. Eventually she began using the planner for her own projects, from the design phase up until the presentation. She’s been sold on the software ever since – that goes from both personal and business projects.

“So with pCon.planner I am able to transfer my ideas into 3D visualization in just a couple of hours alone and still be the first with the offer as well as with the concept.”

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When a picture just isn’t enough…

When a picture just isnt enough... room planning presentation pCon.planner panorama impress image rendering
A picture is worth a thousand words, so the saying goes. And while images are well suited in most cases, today we want to show you an even more impressive way to present your final design – we’re talking about 360° panoramic views. more…

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Leyform – the seating experience

For over thirty years Leyform combines tradition, craftsmanship and experience to deliver high quality seating solutions that meet the highest Italian and international standards.

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3D Construction in pCon.planner – made to meet your needs!

Custom designs – a lucrative, but no less challenging theme when it comes to planning for your customers. With the need to implement individual requests, such as specific dimensions or particular shapes, the sheer wealth of ideas and imagination is almost limitless. And naturally, the customers want to see what they’ll get before they buy.

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Create 360 degree panoramic images

Panoramic images as 360 degree views of your planning are among the most innovative presentation techniques. Thus you can present your room concepts in the best possible way either in the browser or on all mobile devices. In the following video tutorial we show you how panoramic images are created.


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