Goodbye Noise, Hello Glimakra!

Goodbye Noise, Hello Glimakra! room planning pCon.catalog CAD models
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Time and time again we speak about the changing office – the disappearance of the cubicle, the rise of open-space workplaces and the need for flexibility. That’s because this fact isn’t going away any time soon. The office is changing, adapting to technological innovations and increasing the need for cost-efficient yet productive spaces.


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Skewed Renderings? Try the “Architect” Camera Type

Skewed Renderings? Give the Architect Camera Type a Try YafaRay render settings pCon.planner

We’re all familiar with it: that feeling when you look at a picture and it’s not bad, but somehow… hmm… something just isn’t right. There could, of course, be many different reasons for such an occurrence, but one in particular could be slanted or “skewed” lines.


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Realistic Renderings with HDR Images – Video Tutorial

A sunset may never look as beautiful in a picture as it does in person, but with HDR images, we can get pretty close! With the power of capturing high dynamic ranges of light, HDRI light is the perfect tool for creating realistic lighting atmospheres. Combine this with a suitable panoramic background and your rendering will look more realistic than ever.

Ready to give your plan the ideal lighting? The video tutorial below shows you how – step by step!

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Professionalize your Plans with pCon Training

Professionalize your Plans with pCon Training
Miguel Oliveira, Managing Director of EasternGraphics Southern Europe, holds a pCon.planner training session in Italy.

There’s a lot more to pCon.planner than simply drawing walls and placing furniture. Now, don’t get me wrong, these are necessary and important aspects, but they’re just the start. How can you best navigate the program for an efficient and effective planning experience? How can you scale floor plans or CAD models properly? How can you play with the light to create the ideal atmosphere for your setting?


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What’s on your Walls?

Well it looks like you’re done. You’ve got your room constructed, every piece of furniture in the exact position it should be, and the lighting in perfect. Yet, something just isn’t sitting right. Why is it that the room doesn’t look as realistic as you imagined? What’s missing?
What’s on your Walls? planning pCon.planner 3D CAD modesl

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High-quality computer, low-quality display?

You’ve got a brand new computer with the newest technology and all the works. So, why isn’t pCon.planner working to its fullest, and why is the quality not up to standard? Fear not, you’re not alone, and it’s likely a quick fix!

High quality computer, low quality display? support pCon.planner


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EasternGraphics Poland to hold lecture at International Furniture Fair in Ostróda

EasternGraphics Poland to hold lecture at International Furniture Fair in Ostróda Trade Fair Furniture Design events

From September 6 – 9, one of the most important international events for the furniture sector will take place in Ostróda, Poland. The 43rd Edition of the International Furniture Fair in Ostróda is an extraordinary occasion to form new business relationships and learn more about new products. Last year’s edition of the fair attracted more than 11,000 business visitors from 28 countries.

Our team will be at the trade fair and can be found in Hall 5 at Booth #110. We would especially like to invite manufacturers and designers to our lecture “The Role of Design and Visualization in the Sales Process.”


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Making the Sale – Creating Floor Plans for Real Estate Listings

Any real estate professional knows just how important floor plans are when it comes to finding and winning over prospective buyers. The last thing you want for a showing is to see the disappointment in your customers’ eyes when they realize the space is completely different than they imaged. Instead, you want to give them a clear visual of what they should be expecting.

Making the Sale   Creating Floor Plans for Real Estate Listings room planning pCon.planner floor plans


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Summer Right Outside your Door: Balcony and Terrace Ideas

Summer is here and the sunshine await you! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to head out the door and take a step into the fresh air. And what could be better than your own private balcony! If yours is looking a little drab and your hoping for some design ideas for your little oasis, then we’ve got you covered. We took it upon ourselves to search the web for a little inspiration and we’ve put together a few ideas for you — from an urban garden paradise to a relaxing lounge area, there’s something for everyone.


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Images, Simple yet Better – Rendering in pCon.planner 7.3

Cleaned up and upgraded — that’s exactly what we’ve done with the rendering interface in the new version of pCon.planner. Finally there’s a tutorial on “new rendering” basics!

Enjoy watching! more…

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