New Branch in Turkey

EasternGraphics is expanding its sales network by establishing a new branch in Turkey. The managing director, Mr. Caglar Özgür, had been working in the company’s headquarter in Ilmenau and most recently as product manager for pCon.planner (read also “Backstage: pcon.planner“).  He has now returned to his homeland and takes responsibility for handling customers from Turkey and the Middle East with industry-specific expertise supported by an extensive experience involving graphical configuration and innovative 3D planning.

EasternGraphics – Sales Area Turkey & Middle East
EasternGraphics Software Services Ltd.
Balçova / İzmir
Tel.: +90 546 565 05 23

New Branch in Turkey Turkey EasternGraphics EasternGraphics Locations in Europe. Recent addition: Subsidiary in Izmir, Turkey.

An overview of all EasternGraphics offices and our sales partners in Germany and abroad can be found here.

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What can we learn from Charles and Ray Eames: the design extraordinaires

Anyway, in the creative industry, it is highly unlikely that the name “Charles and Ray Eames” is unheard of. The pair has generated many notable works, one of them is the infamous lounge chair and ottoman, as pictured below:


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Happy New Year!

Say goodbye to the old 2017, and say hello to a brand new year of 2018!

The EasternGraphics Team wishes you a happy, healthy and successful year ahead.

Let’s make this year count, shall we?

Happy New Year! holiday

Source: Pexels

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Season Greetings from your EasternGraphics Team!

Get presents for loved ones? Checked. Packed your bags for the holidays? Checked. Set the mood excited for Christmas? Checked!

It’s been an amazing year here at EasternGraphics. With new releases, new products and great customers and partnerships, we are looking forward to welcome the new year with new opportunities ahead!

We wish you a very happy, healthy and safe holiday season. Enjoy!

Season Greetings from your EasternGraphics Team! holiday

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Unpack now: New impress can’t wait for Christmas

Impress with your design. Great designs deserve to be seen from all perspectives. Or even more: They want to be explored, and that most likely interactively. impress brings your 360° panoramas and 3D models alive and makes it easy for you to share your ideas with other people. For a literally vivid impression. It’s more than just a viewer for spherical panoramic images – impress is for those who love to touch others emotionally with amazing presentations and let their design talk for itself.


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The Future is smart – pCon at imm cologne 2018

Every year anew, the imm cologne kicks off the furniture year. Which trends will make it to the stores, which innovations await the interior business? Interior enthusiasts and business insiders will find the answers in January on the fairgrounds in Cologne. You will find us in the office area of the Smart Home in hall 4.2.
imm cologne 2018 more…

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How to solve display and performance problems in pCon.planner

The pCon.planner as a 3D application needs appropriate resources to work smoothly: it need processor power, memory and also a certain amount of graphics memory. Although you meet the recommended hardware requirements, sometimes there can be display and / or performance issues when working with the room planner. Read what you can do about it.


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Office trends – initiated and admired by millennials

With the new era joining the workforce (and smoothly dominating it), businesses are somehow expected to refurbish their space to cater the young generation’s demands.


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Planning Room Acoustics with pCon and CadnaR

Quote Acoustics
The noise level too high, speech intelligibility too low – the idea that room acoustics have a decisive influence on work productivity and a person’s well-being is undisputed and has long become an important topic. The question now is: How can this knowledge of acoustics be better placed within the sales process and how can customers be best advised on their way to a tailor-made solution?


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More depth in your planning – That’s how it works

Materials are the key… for an appealing, realistic and vivid planning. Especially in times of three-dimensional models, we are always aware of this. As we have already described, with a thorough planning of the space you will soon find that the right choice of colors and materials is crucial to make or break the design.


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