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The number of articles on “The Evolution of Sales” and “The Digitalization of the Point of Sale” found in trade journals is almost in over abundance. The focus of these tend to examine the enrichment of stationary trade through interactive, consumer-controlled touch devices such as info steles, powerwalls and touchables. It’s an extension of the shop, so to speak, making the buying experience that much more exciting.

If one considers the question of what actually makes sales at the point of sale successful and what tools are needed to strengthen existing skills, it opens up a non-controversial, yet completely new dimension of “Digitalization at the Point of Sale”: Multimedia content as an actual part of the consultation instead of an accessory of it.

This issue is all about showing strong business at the point of sale and offers an exclusive look at pCon.facts, the mobile app for sales organizations in trade and industry, which focuses, quite simply, on interactive product information at the point of sale and will be officially launched at ORGATEC 2018. In addition, you can read about the new features of the pCon.box and pCon.planner.

Make a customer, not a sale (Katherine Barchetti). With this in mind, have fun reading this issue!

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pCon.facts: Service at the Point of Sale

Macro Trends, Information Mobility and Infotainment. The Point of Sale revolves around 3 points: information, communication and, increasingly, entertainment. The entertainment value of the product itself is no longer enough. Instead, the services surrounding the product, from the generation of customer interest to the after-sales activities, have become increasingly more important. The time of the demanding customer is precious and high-quality consultation is expected. Impressive presentations are needed to persuade customers. This includes having the right amount of accurate information at the right time. The keyword here is digital value creation, and value-creating OFML at the point of sale is an attractive solution.

Interactive Product Information for Smartphones. With pCon.facts, you have a mobile face-to-face consulting tool that provides manufacturers with a self-determined channel for providing their sales network with access to all product information. Whether pricing, product features and certificates, high-quality images, brochures or assembly instructions, among others – with the mobile app, the user has multimedia content available immediately. This includes 3D, real-time visualization, which allows you to zoom in on product details.

pCon.facts provides your sales network with all relevant product information, completely accessible on the smartphone. Check out this example from Sedus Black Dot, where the user has access to available product information at the touch of a button. @Sedus

Article Lists Plus. As a working basis for the creation of offers or presentation portfolios and moodboards, the user can create article lists that are tailored to their particular needs, enrich them with on-demand, dimensioned snapshots and product images, and share them in various formats. The following video gives a short insight into the compression of article lists into a clear presentation of a product and its sub-items.

pCon.facts supports OFML configuration concepts that are comprised of more than one article (sub-items). Whether detailed article lists with information on all articles and additional components or a compressed presentation – it is up to the user. Here’s an example from Sedus attention. @Sedus

Increase Consulting Expertise, Connect Business Partners. pCon.facts brings product information to where it’s needed. Plus, if there are still open questions, the app allows for direct contact with the particular product’s supplier. Areas of application range from customer meetings at the point of sale to electronic communication and process management.

Note: The app is a professional tool for authorized users. To access your manufacturer data, a personalized pCon.update or pCon.login account is required. Learn more about pCon.login here.

pCon.facts will officially be launched with the industry highlight ORGATEC 2018. As a manufacturer, prepare yourself and take the digital leap with new chances for B2B in the office furniture industry.

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pCon.facts: Product Information for your Sales Network

Mobile Sales Support is no accident. Digitalization offers the possibility for cross-location collaboration, a significant benefit for manufacturer networks and their sales organizations within the industry and retail. Additional product information for an article (product images, product brochures, and assembly and operating instructions, etc.) increases consultation effectiveness and allows customers to appear more professional in front of customers, more transparent in front of colleagues and more partner-oriented in front of the network.

Product Information Service: How does the manufacturer information get into the mobile app?
Multimedia content already exists, either in the manufacturer’s PIM system or in other organized storage. pCon.facts exclusively visualizes the information that the manufacturer has made available by way of a system-independent web service interface. This product information service supports the provision of various article information (image, text, HTML or PDF) as well as dependencies within the sales area.
Details regarding product information service and how this web service can be used, have been summarized in the document “Product Information Interface”. If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Product Information Interface - Download Document
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Sedus Integrates pCon.facts into National Sales Meeting

As one of the top European manufacturers within the office furniture industry, Sedus Stoll AG is a pioneer in the field of partner networks and innovative sales solutions. It was, therefore, no surprise that “Digitalization at the Point of Sale” was the topic at recent sales meeting in Waldshut and digitally-based customer communication was in focus.

In a live presentation of the pCon.facts app, all participants were able to see how the everyday smartphone could be used for interactive product presentation at the point of sale. And since the proof is in the pudding, attendees were able to download a trial version to see for themselves.

We would like to thank Sedus for the hospitality and the constructive exchange on the objective of sustainably increasing the consulting expertise at the point of sale.

Request a Presentation of pCon.facts!

Would you also like to get to know pCon.facts before its launch at ORGATEC or would like to have a guest lecture at your trade conference? Make an appointment directly with your pCon adviser or send us an e-mail – we’ll make sure your request is passed on to the correct partner!

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pCon.box Appdate! Convincing Impressions at the Point of Sale

With pCon.box, you develop customer solutions directly at the point of sale. Show your complete portfolio, including product logics, and impress your customers all over again. The following highlights can be found in the upcoming release:

Improved Presentation Quality. Emotional presentations are the driving force behind sales pitches. With the new pCon.box, another milestone in terms of presentation quality will be reached, allowing sales reps at the point of sale to present products even more realistically. With this improved display, you will be able to impressively combine the advantages of 3D media with its respective expert and product knowledge.

3D views with first-class presentation quality on your mobile device
Combine the advantages of 3D views with first-class presentation quality on your mobile device.

Directly Import Files. With the PEC exchange format, you can use both commercial and graphical data throughout the entire pCon universe. In the upcoming version, for example, you can prepare for customer pitches by importing solutions and room concepts from the pCon.planner directly into pCon.box. Mobile solutions aren’t merely a supplement to the sales process, they’re now a relevant processing tool during the sale.

Using the “Import” button, you can directly access data saved to the Cloud and it will immediately be available to the customer.

Last but not least: The new pCon.box will fill the entire display of the iPhone X, making it ready for the future of borderless smartphones and tablets. Stay tuned - the new version will soon be available!

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pCon.planner Fall Release: BIM Support and Improved Presentation

Impress customers, secure orders – How so? With the right service, of course! The idea that planning service, too, is a selling point is no secret. Which means, it’s all about scoring points with fast processing and impressive design presentation. Support in this area is exactly where pCon.planner comes in, and with the upcoming version, it will be even stronger.

Work better together with IFC. The fact that IFC files can be imported into pCon.planner isn’t a new concept: the files can be easily loaded in pCon.planner, ensuring an efficient flow of information between the architect and the room planner. In the next release, however, the import gets even better.

This fall, we’re also introducing the IFC export. The trick: Within the exported IFC files, OFML information will be stored, meaning corresponding article information will be available in the receiving program as well. This allows for an even more efficient cooperation in terms of construction, furnishing and management – reflecting the spirit of BIM and OFML.

IFC export from pCon.planner
IFC export from pCon.planner into Revit®: In the next big pCon.planner release, the article information stored in the OFML data system can also be retrieved in typical “BIM software”.

Simply more beautiful. In addition to efficiency, a planning program also requires high image quality. After all, professionally planned furnishing solutions deserve attractive (re)presentation. In the next planner release, you’ll see improvements in visual enhancement in several different ways. You’ll see visual highlights even during real-time rendering. The render styles also benefit here and will be fit with several new display options.

Sounds exciting? This fall you can try the new pCon.planner out yourself!
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