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When it comes to cooperation, the solutions you use not only have to be flexible, but they should also offer the quickest and most efficient exchange of information. Information loss is expensive, especially when it comes to the multifaceted topic of order processing. Your customer expects an impressive presentation with a tailor-made product portfolio and accurately-calculated prices, and you and your sales team colleagues have the necessary information for fast and accurate processing. The connection between the two: communication.

For product communication, the pCon.box provides grounds for the ideal sales pitch – and we mean that both literally and figuratively! Learn more about the current version of our mobile consultancy tool and get a taste of what’s to come. Plus, read more about the file format that’s paving the way for information exchange between the internal and external sales teams, and how it can ensure fast, clear and appealing communication.

Last but not least: future interior designers and architects want to plan – and they would love to use your manufacturer data. Take part and make your OFML data available for educational institutions!

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3D Consultancy Tool – Grounds for Customer Satisfaction

Measuring Customer Solutions. Almost everything these days is controlled by smartphones and tablets – so why shouldn’t these ever-present companions be a helpful part of your sales pitch, too? When it comes to office and contract furnishing, functionality is at the top of the list. It indicates the availability of workspace and the zoning of office environments as well as features like lighting and room acoustics. But it also answers the seemingly trivial question that, sooner or later, is at the center of every plan: Does the desired product fit in the existing space

Configuring in 2D Plans. Even with a yardstick in hand – a feeling of room size can be difficult to convey. And those who consult in space planning can gain a great deal from being able to visually reference the size of a space. The best way to do this is with the customer’s own floor plan, the printed documentation of actual room boundaries and possibilities.
With the current version of our sales app, the pCon.box, it’s now possible to import your customer’s floor plan. In just a few steps, you can upload the plan into the pCon.box, scale it and adjust it. The plan makes it easier for the customer to make a size reference and better follow the consultant’s advice.

In just a matter of seconds, your customer’s plan can be loaded into the pCon.box. This can be done through the device’s photo gallery or taken live with the camera. Settings for saturation and contrast ensure the optimal display for your floor plan.

Read about the new pCon.box features that await you in the pCon blog, or try them out for yourself!

Karte pCon.box on the App Store pCon.box from Google Play pCon.box from Microsoft
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Your Data in Your Sales Network

Show your sales representatives how they can use OFML data at the point of sale. Whether on a smartphone or tablet, with manufacturer data on hand, consultants can professionally present products to their customers, operate more transparently for the in-house sales team and take a more partner-oriented approach within the network.

Feel free to click on the image to load the pCon.box presentation, or download the source file to customize it for your company!

pCon.box for Your Sales!
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Furnishing Consultancy Down to the Last Detail – OFML makes it possible!

OFML at the Point of Sale. The product portfolio on the smartphone, the customer’s wishes in sight – with the pCon.box, sales representatives not only have reliable planning data (OFML) on hand, but also effective medial support during the sales pitch. Together with your customers, you can create solutions and actively involve them in the conversation – this participation will certainly enhance success prospects.

pCon.box – a quick glance at the upcoming version. Emotions come with the idea, but purchasing decisions with the details – this is exactly where sales representatives often hit their limits, as not all products are available as 3D models. For this reason, the next version of our sales app has just the solution. The upcoming pCon.box will also be able to process articles for which only text and image information are available. And not to worry, even without 3D representation, you can still be excited about your visual solutions. That’s right, thanks to the OFML basis, you won’t miss out on any advantages when processing your data. This feature will be available in the next version on the pCon.box.

Be sure to stay up to date on product details as well as further developments of our products and services on the pCon blog.

pCon.box - Preview
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Order Processing – Clear Communication Takes It All

Complexity unseen – this is the art of the sale. Order processing is a complex issue, with focus lying on communication between the internal and external sales teams. The tasks for both may vary, but the objectives and dependencies are the same: both teams play a vital role in the company’s success and profit from excellent cooperation. In this case, standardized process details and conscious communication are necessary: the former adjusts the gears, while the latter ensures for smooth transmission. Good process adjustment saves time and double the work.

Planning needs during order processing. Order processing and sales activities are no one-way street. That means order handling for office and contract furnishing doesn’t always start with a drawing. A lot of offers are created without any 3D plans at all. But what if such a need does happen to arise?
The answer here lies with a new exchange format that strengthens the connectivity between the pCon.basket (desktop version) and the pCon.planner, facilitating communication between the sales teams and planners. The articles selected with the customer are sent to the in-house sales team as an OBK file. This can then be imported into pCon.planner PRO 7.5 and used as the basis for a room plan.

OBK-Import pCon.planner 7.5
With the new pCon.planner 7.5 OBK import, article lists created in pCon.basket in OBK format can be uploaded into the planning program. As a result, graphical models of the articles in their desired configurations are imported and displayed in a product matrix.

This interface provides a module for improving communication between the in-house and field sales teams, and provides the necessary tool for needs-based product and offer communication. After all, efficiency during the actual process allows more time for pre and post sales services! You can read more about the other new features the latest pCon.planner PRO has to offer here.

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Your OFML Data for Tomorrow’s Planning Professionals

Future interior designers and architects want to plan – and they’d love to use your manufacturer data!

For some time, EasternGraphics has provided free access to pCon.planner PRO for the training of specialist planners. Starting from Winter Semester 2017/18, we would also like to make OFML data available for these students for the first time. Want to take part? If so, you can contact your pCon representative or send us an e-mail. We’ll be sure to forward your inquiry to the correct sales partner.

Once you’ve contacted us, here’s how the process will work:You will receive a request through pCon.update regarding data release. Please keep an eye out for a message from EasternGraphics (Education). You can then decide if and which data inventory you would like to make available for training purposes.

OFML-Daten für zukünftige Profis

With your permission, planners will be able to fully access your OFML articles for planning in pCon.planner PRO. The advantage for you? Tomorrow’s planning professionals are already learning the tools of the trade and – not to be overlooked – are doing so with your products! You’ll be making a valuable contribution to the training of the next generation of planners.

The Facts at a Glance

  • Your data available for tomorrow’s professionals
  • No additional costs
  • Controlled data access through pCon.update
What are you waiting for? It’s time to put your product portfolio in the hands of tomorrow’s industry professionals – secure your furniture’s place in the future!
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