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We had quite the year last year, as we were able to introduce the pCon.box at ORGATEC – our first app for smartphones and tablets. Since its unveiling, we’ve continually received positive feedback and would like to take the time to thank our customers and partners for your trust in such projects, for your creativity and for your continued support. We wish you and your families a happy and successful 2017 and we look forward to future collaboration.

In this first edition of the year, one assumption lies at the center of all solutions: customers prefer to buy what they've already seen. But what does this needs-based approach look like? Product communication is anything but trivial – not least because the information requirements of the customer can be complex. The means of communication themselves, however, can be just as complex. Today, read more about the configuration solution from Nils Holger Moormann, how to create professional layouts with pCon.planner and the latest on the pCon.box.

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Nils Holger Moormann – Configuration Solution Visualized

Furniture with attitude. When it comes to innovative furniture design from Germany, furniture by Nils Holger Moormann is front and center. Those who have the idea that the reinterpretation of something like a table or chair can degenerate furniture are mistaken, and Moormann is the perfect example of why. Moormann has proven time and time again that the retention of functionality and addition of character are most certainly not mutually exclusive. If you’re a fan of minimalist form, you’re going to love Moormann’s  furniture designs – not only because of the touch of humor found in each piece, but because many of them are simply classic designs, unaffected by the passing of time.

Customer-oriented products. Design classics – people love them or they hate them. Either way, the following statement also applies to less classical furniture, too: customers prefer to buy what they’ve already seen before. But what happens if the choice of models is too big or a modular design offers an endless amount of possibilities? This question is also relevant for the classic shelf design FNP, and one in which Moormann has answered with its website’s own built-in configuration solution. In just a few steps, the desired shelf and accessories are put together and the user can see all relevant model information, including pricing. It’s an eBusiness solution that has continued to prove its worth and recently got boost in momentum – that’s right, Moormann is using pCon technology.

FNP Configurator from Moormann
After inspiration comes configuration. The shelf classic FNP impresses with its modular structure and limitless model variations – one heart, countless faces.

Images deliver added value. Integrating the pCon.configurator Online into its existing solution increases the utilization of existing manufacturer data. The data is transferred to the online configurator using the SOAP interface – maintaining the products rules, of course – which provides a suitable 3D image for the configurator. It’s an attractive addition to the existing 2D front view and a further deciding factor when it comes to the sale.

If you would like to use a design offline, you can easily download the planning data from the completed FNP configuration. With this, there’s nothing in the way if you want to continue working with the data in pCon.planner. Moormann has announced plans to gradually expand the use of the 3D feature with other series’.

FNP shelf in a rendering
Configured online, planned offline with the pCon.planner. The direct export of planning data makes it possible.

Product. Solution. Emotion. A good product may bring you into the arena, but successful product communication determines the competition. It’s most certainly not easy to find a balance between the comprehensive, quick communication of products and individual customer contact. But those who want to master the art of needs-based visualization are not only selling a product, there selling a solution and the emotions that go along with it – and that’s priceless.

Try it out: To the FNP Configurator!

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Competitive Advantage: Professional Layouts

When it comes to the sale of a solution, the first impression is quickly followed by the scanning of information. That’s because, aside from the aesthetics, various other aspects like dimensioning, functionality, materials and workroom zoning decide the implementation or non-implementation of a project. The detailing of a solution requires different views and methods: outlines, cross sections, 2D-3D, text information – the information needs determine the result.

Such demands can be implemented through layouts. Documents in which the highlights as well as all relevant planning information can be summarized as images and text and printed in a scale-appropriate and appealing manner. To make it possible, pCon.planner PRO’s existing layout tool has been improved and is much more user friendly.

Layout page - created in pCon.planner PRO

Creating Layouts with pCon.planner 7.4 - a short overview of new functions:

  • Dimensions now directly in layout area
    Within the layout area, you now have various types of dimension types and styles for all 2D viewports as well as isometric views at your disposal. If you do your dimensioning in this area, you can continue to plan in the planning area without disturbing lines in the way (see layout layers).
  • Improved style with organized viewports
    One print page, multiple views – here’s where disharmony could easily occur. Now, freely positioned snap points can help with the aligning of viewports and their contents. In addition, viewports and scaling can be locked so that the content isn’t inadvertently affected by zooming.
  • More efficient workflow from the planning to the layout
    Your selections within the planning area remain selected when switching to the layout view. This helps ensure a speedy and efficient work flow. With the ability to "hide" all but the selected object, for example, you can bring a particular piece of furniture into focus.

  • Print objects on their own layers
    Objects created within the layout area, including dimensions, drawing elements, stamps, etc. are not shown in the planning area, maintaining the overview of the area.
  • Save dimension styles as templates
    Tasks are usually repeated. Dimension styles that have already been created can be saved as templates and used for other layouts. This tool leads to efficiency in everyday planning.

High-quality printouts have always been a requirement within the market. In this case, the quality of the printout and flexibility in form and content are essential. Looking to test the layout tool for yourself, but you’re not yet a pCon.planner PRO user? You can download the free test version here.

More detailed information on the layout area as well as other new functions in pCon.planner 7.4 can be found here!

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Smart Solutions at imm cologne 2017

imm cologne marks the start of the year for the furnishing sector and attracts renowned exhibitors and decision-makers from around the world to Cologne’s exhibition halls. It’s the ideal place to unveil and present innovative products and refined solutions.

Experience pCon at the Smart Home exhibition in Hall 7, C-011! The exhibit is a joint project of the let’s be smart initiative, the Koelnmesse, the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the RFID GmbH and is dedicated entirely to the advantages and opportunities of the networked house.

And since we’re not only excited about technical innovations ourselves, but for the development of youth in the field as well, we’re happy to be providing modern virtual reality technology to support students from Möfa as they present various project designs. Be sure to stop by and show your support for the young talent at the BVDM booth on the boulevard (stand 013).

Banner: Visit us at imm
This year we have the opportunity to present modern VR technology and, of course, the newest member of the pCon family – the pCon.box. Come take a look!
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Retailers Welcome Manufacturer Data with Open Arms

Consultancy comes from competence. Constructing typicals, building scenes, inspiring customers – unveiled at ORGATEC, the pCon.box now has a place at the Point of Sale and is gladly being implemented as a sales support tool for customer consultancy. Visualizations and information – their strengths strengthen the consultant.

Sharing pricing and article information, providing planning data – read more on the use cases of the pCon.box.

Banner: pCon.box Update

End-of-the-year update. Have you tried it yet?

The pCon.box is made for retailers, meaning the aspect of efficient work is of utmost importance. The new version particularly optimizes the speed and user interface of the app. In detail, that means:

  • FAQs for confident planning:
    How does registration work, which manufacturers can I see, and can I use data with and without prices simultaneously? For answers to these and other questions, you’ll find a new section under “Help” (in the app menu).
  • Actions in the 3D area more intuitive:
    Orbit interactions as well as the selection of objects with small surfaces have been improved.
  • Better performance through new shadow calculation –
    not only can you see it, but you can feel it too!
  • More efficient project management:
    With multi-selection, you can delete several projects at once.
  • The right images for your needs:
    Need a .png with a transparent background, a .jpg with a white background, or maybe what’s already shown? You decide…

All apps as well as the web version are benefiting from these core optimizations! Be sure to share this information with your sales team – after all, there’s only one chance to make a first impression!

Still have questions regarding the pCon.box? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help!

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Your data in your sales network

Show your sales representatives how they can use OFML data at the point of sale. Whether on a smartphone or tablet, with manufacturer data on hand, consultants can professionally present products to their customers, operate more transparently for the in-house sales team and take a more partner-oriented approach within the network.

Karte Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play Get it from Microsoft
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Still don't have your manufacturer data in the pCon.box?

And you're looking to change that? No problem. You can speak directly to your pCon consultant or write us an email – we'll make sure that your inquiry is passed on to the correct partner. 

How does it work? You'll receive a request for data sharing through pCon.update. Keep an eye out for a notification from EasternGraphics (pCon.box). With this, you get to decide if and what data inventory you would like to make available for the app.

How will your data be used? With your consent, your OFML articles will be available in full (with the exception of pricing information) for all users via smartphone. They do not have to be logged in to see this information. When users log in, they will then see the data that they can usually access for other pCon services through pCon.update.

The box at a glance:

  • Your OFML data at the point of sale
  • No additional charges
  • Controlled data sharing through pCon.update
  • Users can view data (without pricing information) without logging in
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