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"Creativity Works" - so is the motto for this year's ORGATEC. And what does creativity mean for us? Developing products that solve business problems in new and innovative ways! The focus of our creativity this time was discovering what makes for success at the point of sale, and what tools can be used to strengthen the existing process. The answer is clear: OFML must be at the point of sale, in a manner that truly connects with customers.

How can that be accomplished? With the pCon.box! The sales app for successful consulting. Interested? Read more about the use cases for the pCon.box right here in the newsletter and get the app for your smartphone or tablet!

You are, of course, also invited to see a presentation of the pCon.box at ORGATEC: You can arrange an appointment directly with your pCon consultant or send us an e-mail - we'll make sure your inquiry is forwarded to the appropriate partner.

Your EasternGraphics Team
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Presentation at the Point of Sale

Modern sales pitch, innovative technologies, new consulting? For those looking to be successful at the point of sale, there’s one thing to keep in mind: detail-oriented sales presentations. But what exactly does a “detail-oriented” presentation entail? How do you find a fitting product solution for every customer? The answer is sometimes easier said than done: One needs the right combination of competence, trust and emotion.

A customer’s ideal contact is therefore an authentic salesperson who takes the time to listen and, above all, knows the product in and out. One who can create a solution from a product that the customer loves. One who has all the necessary information for the product and can quantify this “love” with a tangible price and without unneccessary detours. Plain and simple, a competent consultant.

Vom Produkt zur Lösung
When talking with your customer, a product becomes a solution. Live configuration in face-to-face business - for tailor-made customer service.

A salesperson certainly needs to bring his or her own charm to the table, but when it comes to information and emotional highlights of a product, the pCon.box is a strong companion to have on hand for face-to-face business consultancy. With a smartphone or tablet, the box can assist with quickly choosing products for the customer, creating solutions and presenting detail-oriented products. With familiar smartphone interactions (swiping, tapping etc.), users can navigate 3D models and zoom in on product details. With this, sales representatives can quickly respond to customer requests, adjust product solutions and suggest alternatives – giving the customer the feeling that they are working together with the sales rep to find the perfect solution for his or her needs. This creates trust.

Zooming in on product details will always bring that wow effect. With OFML data at the point of sale, the sales rep not only impresses with content, but with media competence, too. Plus, the customer has the opportunity to enjoy the product as if it were really there.
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Customer Consulting Plus

Even with an impressive live presentation, purchasing decisions aren’t always decided at the point of sale. Customers like to take the time to talk over the possibilities, maybe even take the chance to check what alternatives are available online or with other retailers. So, what makes an agile sales representative stand out from the rest? Do they just wait to see if the customer reports back or do they proactively offer solutions? Customer-friendly consultancy most certainly doesn’t end with the handshake goodbye.

Thanks to modern communications media, proximity to the customer doesn’t always have to be physical. With the pCon.box, you can send images, articles lists and CAD models per e-mail or messenger without any detours – ideal for a mobile follow-up consultation. You could send the final solution suggestion once more, offer alternatives and give the customer the opportunity to choose. The box’s direct connection to messenger services speeds up the communication process, allowing for quick response and keeping the conversation going. This way, the customer always has the respective visualizations available at any time and can always take another look. An emotional sales connection can most certainly go beyond face-to-face contact.

Those who care about their customers are always looking to leave an impression! Mobile consultancy is a part of customer service and improves your chances of success. The best part: it’s fast and can be used anytime and anywhere.

Mobile Consultancy through Messenger Services
pCon.box as a mobile consultancy tool: The direct connection to messenger services enhances the communication between the customer and sales representative, keeping the conversation going and creating a more emotional level of consultancy.
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At the Office or in the Field - Communication Makes the Sale.

When it comes to increasing productivity, the sales team is quickly brought into focus. Particularly interesting are the intersections between internal and external sales, the tangible links between products and customers, and the place where good service originates. This is all in the background of course. The customers themselves don’t see this development process, rather only the consultation as a whole. And this consultancy can end up resulting in the successful or unsuccessful sale of a product.

First and foremost, a successful sale is well organized and an efficient sales team can communicate without notice. When in the field, the challenge is to quickly meet the needs of customers and securely pass the information along to the back office. This information is worked out by the internal sales team and presented back to the field team. Transparency and reliability remain constant.

In this case, the solution for the customer is quickly jotted down. But what happens if the customer has a particular wish or requires a custom solution? Perhaps the customer likes the configuration, but needs an additional cable outlet or the required dimensions deviate from the norm.

Communicate Customer Requests
When it comes to customer-specific solutions, clear communication between the in-house and field sales teams is vital. Images and more can be sent in an instant from the pCon.box to other apps, where they can be supplemented with further messages and information.

Luckily, the pCon.box isn’t nailed shut: With easy sharing and transfer to third party systems, the external sales representative isn’t left helpless. Configurations can be created and custom requests sent – and since the electronic communication is based on OFML data, the in-house sales team can continue to further process customer projects with reliable data, quickly and efficiently.

It’s a dynamic solution that – for the sake of the customer – doesn’t compromise on quality of information and service, despite its flexibility.

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Support Partners and Create Synergy - Anytime, Anywhere.

Where wood is chopped, splinters must fall – just as information is bound to flow when teamwork is involved. What’s more, the smoother this process is, the more satisfactory the results and the more credible the person giving the information becomes. This creates trust, an aspect that has always been the cornerstone of any partner-based business relationship. What’s changed about this, however, is that the location of the business partner has become somewhat obsolete. They could be right next door or on the other side of the world. What’s more important now is that they can provide reliable information in a mobile way, regardless of when or where. And since a partner isn’t always just a partner – but rather a transmitter and multiplier of information – they not only need to satisfy the information needs of one, but answer to an entire network, as well. The potential here is almost limitless.

The pCon.box makes it easier to intensify this communication with other players in the market. Whether BIM-compatible CAD models, text or images, solutions and component solutions can be sent per e-mail or messenger or exported into other programs – literally at the touch of a button.

So, the next time an architect or designer asks for a model, you can answer the calling in seconds – from anywhere, at any time – provided you have your smartphone on hand. This mobile partner communication works to provide an uncomplicated flow of information and productive network, ensuring efficient consultancy and successful sales support.

Try it out – after all, service has become a big part of the competition!

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Your data in your sales network

Show your sales representatives how they can use OFML data at the point of sale. Whether on a smartphone or tablet, with manufacturer data on hand, consultants can professionally present products to their customers, operate more transparently for the in-house sales team and take a more partner-oriented approach within the network.

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Still don't have your manufacturer data in the pCon.box?

And you're looking to change that? No problem. You can speak directly to your pCon consultant or write us an email – we'll make sure that your inquiry is passed on to the correct partner. 

How does it work? You'll receive a request for data sharing through pCon.update. Keep an eye out for a notification from EasternGraphics (pCon.box). With this, you get to decide if and what data inventory you would like to make available for the app.

How will your data be used? With your consent, your OFML articles will be available in full (with the exception of pricing information) for all users via smartphone. They do not have to be logged in to see this information. When users log in, they will then see the data that they can usually access for other pCon services through pCon.update.

The box at a glance:

  • Your OFML data at the point of sale
  • No additional charges
  • Controlled data sharing through pCon.update
  • Users can view data (without pricing information) without logging in
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