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Modern sales pitches don’t always follow a particular plan. There’s no precise formula that leads to a successful conclusion. More than that, internet sales require an entirely different language other than face-to-face business communication. While the channels of communication may vary significantly, the bottom line is always the customer – and even that has changed drastically in the last few years. With the choices a customer is offered, they’re not simply buying a product. Instead, they’re consuming the solution to a problem and, in turn, the feeling that comes with it.

That means those who want to be successful must emotionally engage with the customer. Using emotion to sell a product is an art, and just like any other art form, it requires its own methods. Not only is listening to the customer important, but adequately responding to their needs is just as essential. The positioning of brands, products and services has to be emotive. You can read the perfect exemplar for how this might look in this issue’s article about USM Modular Furniture: A product classic in a modern eBusiness environment.

In addition, you’ll get a glimpse into what you can expect at this year’s ORGATEC, and even more examples of how an emotional sale begins with planning.

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USM Configurator – Tailor-made Solutions. Made by You.

A modern classic. USM Modular Furniture Haller stands for timeless, precise design with tradition, for both standardized components and limitless solutions alike. It is a modular design that allows for a variety of configurations and, thanks to the strengths of the furniture, conjures efficient spatial solutions – both individualized and smart. These are values that deserve to be seen – every variation and every face of the furniture system.

USM shows its colors
Limitless possibilities through modular design – how many faces can a classic have? Countless. What’s the best way to show them? The answer is simple: USM. Image Source

An evergreen product –innovative and inspirational presentation. If someone does a search for USM furniture, they’ll surely find themselves on the company website. And just as they are rich in tradition, the firm is also innovative and clever in its online product presentation. An example is an eBusiness solution developed in cooperation with the agency Scholz & Volkmer, which sets the new standards in information architecture and usability. With smart integration: the USM Haller Configurator is made by pCon.

Tailor-made solutions with one click. Select basic type, set dimensions, individualize components and accessories – sounds simple, and that it is with the intuitive user interface. Customers can choose whether they want to start from scratch or if they’d prefer to start with a little inspiration and customize a pre-configured solution. The thematic structure of the already-streamlined configuration menu helps users quickly find which feature they want to change. Three dimensional settings and pricing information for the current configuration are then generated and shown on demand. For potential questions about additional variations or custom-made products, professional consultation is just a mouse click away.

Let yourself be taken away to the place where tailor-made USM Haller solutions emerge.

Find solutions, utilize services. Configuration and service at USM go hand in hand. By way of USM Shop integration, customers can directly purchase their personalized shelf and share them on their desired social media channels. Those who want to use a design offline can also download the configuration in various CAD formats – most certainly a benefit for end customers, interior designers, etc.

USM Haller accompanies its users from the finding of a particular design solution up until the purchase or contact of a specialist consultant. The pCon.configurator Online is subtly integrated into the manufacturer’s process and provides purchasing-decision arguments for distribution. This cross-platform product configuration draws out a clear target group – just as clear as a design from USM Modular Furniture Haller deserves. It’s an impressive content process somewhere between brand experience and selling.

Try it out for yourself: Direct to the USM Haller Configurator!
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Strenght at the Point of Sale

Emotions sell better. Unlike online, face-to-face business gives you direct contact to the customer. Whoever is best able to convey the most positive feelings through a product presentation and consultation is one step closer to the final goal, as emotions always influence our decisions. That’s most certainly the case for purchasing decisions.

A direct dialog helps create a personal connection and brings with it advantages that other forms of business communications are denied. Being able to negotiate with real people broadens perspectives, as it allows you to quickly respond, adapt, suggest alternatives, and to constantly give the customer the feeling that you are working together to find a solution. This creates trust.

Emotional highlights require reliable information. As humans, we use our emotions to make decisions, but simultaneously look for rational arguments as well. The ideal interlocutor for the customer is therefore an authentic salesperson that takes time, listens and, most importantly, knows what they’re talking about. Someone who can conjure up a product solution that the customer loves, while providing all of the article information and pricing quickly and efficiently. Simply put – a competent consultant.

Those who have to speak for a particular product most certainly need tools, and the support needed for face-to-face business dealings is exactly what we’re here for: dynamic solutions, flexible sales.

Emotional and rational selling arguments
The product catalog for your pocket: mobile presenting, live configuring, finding solutions. Come for a product presentation at ORGATEC - we are looking forward to you!

OFML at the Point of Sale. Product portfolios directly on the smartphone, putting customer desires right in their line of sight, offering easy-to-use catalogs that bring them lighting fast to any product. Smart interaction concepts that allow the individual real-time configuration of holistic solutions and the on-demand generation of 3D previews providing the help for purchasing decisions that every customer welcomes. Sound like science fiction? The secrets lie at ORGATEC!

Of course, the communication between sales representatives and customers is only one part of the sales process. If the customer is happy, the salesperson is looking to close the sale as quickly as possible. The simple division and transfer to a third-party system has to move forward as smooth as possible – a central aspect of internal communication.

OFML is a strong standard, but as emotional as it will be shown at ORGATEC, you’ve probably never seen before! For those interested in more details or want to know in advance further benefits you’ll experience at ORGATEC, we’re happy to share with you how OFML can be used at the point of sale!

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OFML – Efficient Planning Leaves Room for Details

Emotional selling starts with planning. For those who are looking to win people over with a planning solution, functionality and design are equally important. Here the trick usually lies in the details, as these can more often than not be the difference between a buy or don’t buy decision. Of course, details take time – so it helps when the basics can be planned quickly.

OFML – Standard with great potential. When we talk about the processing of product data in planning and configuration systems, OFML is the standard. Especially when products are “contiguously” planned, OFML offers several advantages that can make the path to a holistic solution much more efficient: we’re talking about meta-operations.

In modern, open-plan offices, furniture and upholstered furniture systems that come in various configurations, heights and materials are in high demand. That includes products that come as basic modular elements or parts of a flexible, integrated solution. Needs-based products, if you will. For the end user, it appears that they are free to plan and combine products without thinking twice. In reality, such solutions are based on a great deal of fundamental product knowledge: which elements can connect to one another, should this be considered when I do that, etc.

For the planning of such products, meta-operations like metaplanning are offered. Knowing which module can follow another is all hidden in the data. When the planner selects an output element, pCon.planner then shows all of the possible combinations that are available. Verified with rules and on demand – you can plan “one after the other”, so to speak, saving a great deal of time. 

Metaplanning with Orangebox
The drawing of this sofa landscape took just a few minutes. Since a complete set of rules is behind the drawing, the question of whether or not the design can actually be implemented doesn’t exist -- assured process planning thanks to OFML. Shown here: metaplanning with Orangebox.

Is this new? No. This technology has been around for several years and is actively used by a number of manufacturers. So why are we writing about it now? It’s simple, work environments are quickly changing. More than that, the places where people work, from open-plan offices to single work places and team meeting spaces, all have their own particular needs. Because of this, manufacturers are increasingly relying on such modular solutions and are always looking for more suitable visualization opportunities for product presentation.

Find out more about whether metaplanning, or other data solutions, make sense for you, as well as the other options that can make the planning process for your products much more efficient. We’re happy to help!

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Reaching Customers with Atmospheric Renderings

Great light benefits the sale. It’s a fundamental component of our everyday lives, but often goes unnoticed until it doesn’t optimally fit with our surroundings. We’re talking about light.

Those who have to present products are always anxious to have the perfect lighting. Light is after all an essential part of the promotional process. Whether in shops, exhibition rooms or at a trade show – professional lighting technicians can usually be found. From colorfast general lighting to brilliant spotlights and efficient lighting management, these technicians implement carefully thought-out lighting concepts. When it comes to virtual settings, however, there’s often a lack of time and know-how to set the proper lighting and provide the right atmosphere for the visualization of products and product solutions.

HDR images as a rendering light source. In short, an HDRI (High Dynamic Range Image) is an image with a higher dynamic range and contrast. Richer in detail than “normal” images, these pictures can depict the wide range of brightness that we find in our natural environment. Such images not only look great, but they also contain valuable light information that can be used as a light source for renderings in pCon.planner.

Light makes the difference! A different HDR image was used for each photo, but with the same settings. When the global mood lighting fits, it's time for the details like spots e.g. We want to thank Haworth for providing the 3D plan.

By using these images, you can create atmospheric images quite quickly without the need to plan and adjust every lighting parameter, something that can generally take a great deal of time. A cool, stimulating atmosphere for the work place, a warmer ambient for the living room – a simple click of the mouse can make the difference. A customer will see the picture and form an opinion in an instant. The feeling that this first look gives could potentially be the difference between a “buy or don’t buy” decision.

The perfect rendering? The use of HDR images allows for fast and efficient illumination of virtual scenes and easy compositing. Global “mood lighting” is easier to use than in the past, but in the end the fact still remains: the perfect rendering — just like in real-life interior decorating — requires a lot of tweaking and attention to detail. After all, the eyes see everything: products, colors, materials and light accents.

Want to learn more on the subject of HDRI as a light source? We’ve got you covered on the pCon blog! Plus, for those who are looking to become professionals in virtual lighting and high-end renderings, we’re happy to offer you individualized training!

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Plugin for Revit® now Available

As announced in our last newsletter, the free pCon.catalog Plugin for Autodesk® Revit® is now available for download. With the plugin, you can transfer intelligent furniture models, such as various product configurations, together with their respective information from pCon.planner into a Revit® project. Now, Revit users can also benefit from OFML data.

The plugin is also an enormous advantage for interior designers and equipment suppliers, as they can use it to fulfill individualized customer requests: it isn’t a matter of finding the right article, rather configuring and transferring it.

The plugin download and further information can be found on the EasternGraphics website.

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