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Design, configure, present and sell – for the last 20 years, EasternGraphics has been the embodiment of these four words. With the progression of time, consumer demands continue to change, and in turn, so too does the sales landscape. In order to remain successfully supportive of your customers, you require solutions that both evolve with this changing landscape and adapt to each user. 

On that note, this newsletter focuses completely on our online applications. In this issue, you can read about the further developments of the innovative Online-Basket, the new features of the online planning tool EGR-OnlinePlanner, and the improvement of the image quality in the pCon.configurator Online. All of these web applications are networked and platform independent. In addition, you’ll read how you can design future kitchens using pCon.planner, and get a little insight into our 20-year jubilee celebration.

Have fun reading the issue!

Your EasternGraphics-Team

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Sales Support with pCon.basket Online

Long gone are the days when mobility and digital consumption were abstract buzzwords. We live these words, both in our private lives and at work, and they’ve become second nature to us. In the sales landscape in particular, this digital interconnectivity has brought with it increased speed: We buy fast, we expect quick answers – the fast, reliable processing of our order.

This means that you, as a manufacturer, must take the necessary steps to meet these new demands, with, for example, rapid data updates and efficient communication. 

pCon.basket Online offers the support needed to meet these challenges. This web-based quoting tool provides the opportunity and necessary support to cost-effectively and centrally manage up-to-date information, in turn strengthening the communication between the back office and sales team; all of which are integrated into your existing company processes. The following example demonstrates how this process might look. 

From pCon.Planner to the web. An internal worker creates a space plan and an article list preliminary of the preparation of an offer using pCon.planner. The new feature is as follows: The article list can then be imported into the pCon.basket Online, and the responsible salesperson will be sent a notice that the project is available for viewing and editing in the Online-Basket. 

In the project management of pCon.basket Online, quotations can be sorted by customer number, company name, modification date or project status.

Central and always accessible. The project is now stored on the manufacturer’s central server and the appropriate employees, regardless of where they are, can access the product list. With this, the type of device used to access the project, whether it’s a tablet or a computer, plays no role. The pCon.basket Online runs completely on the web and is independent of the operating system used. Permission to access and edit a project, however, must be issued by an administrator. 

The Online-Basket is integrated into the existing company processes and ensures that all aspects of the sales process run smoothly.

Everything Connected – from CRM to ERP. The product list can now be further processed and converted into a proposal. For this, the web application is equipped with extensive estimate functions and has access to the contact database of the manufacturer’s own CRM system. If the customer accepts the proposal, the order can be directly transferred to the ordering system. 

Since all quotations are centrally managed, the manufacturer always has an overview of all quotes created, as well as proposals that have been transferred and converted into purchase orders. 

An overview of the pCon.basket Online:

  • Create online quotes and manage projects
  • Quick and inexpensive data updates 
  • Use of estimate functions 
  • Track projects (with project history)

Currently, those who work exclusively with data from one manufacturer can particularly benefit from pCon.basket Online; for example a manufacturer’s sales representatives, as well as exclusive retailers that work closely with suppliers.

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Office Space Planning in the bso "buero-forum"

The online portal "buero-forum" operated by bso Verband für Büro-, Sitz- und Objektmöbel e.V. offers "articles and other information about the main topics of office furnishing and office design such as ergonomics and knowledge work" (http://www.buero-forum.de/en). The EGR-OnlinePlanner is also a part of this comprehensive service package and has been very popular with visitors of the BSO website for many years. This online planning tool can be used to create simple office plans, which can then be inspected and completed by a qualified dealer. 

The highly informative content on the "buero-forum" website has now also been integrated into the functions of the EGR-OnlinePlanner. For example, the online planning tool now features functions for movement areas, interfaces of cabinets, traffic routes and escape routes, as well as maintenance spaces. And these are enhanced with practical planning assistants.

EGR-OnlinePlanner now allows you to show movement areas, interfaces of cabinets, traffic routes and escape routes, as well as maintenance spaces.

We have granted many of the wishes expressed by users of the online planning tool. One of the most powerful and important tools for real-world planning is the pCon.planner interface. This allows users to save plans they have designed online on a local drive and then have these refined in pCon.planner by manufacturers represented in the BSO and their dealers. 

Test out the new functions of EGR-OnlinePlanner on the BSO website. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

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Product Presentation on the Web – pCon.configurator Online

Gone are the days when the importance of product presentation simply applied to online retailers. In order to adequately meet the needs of interested parties and the requirements for changing consumer behavior, even companies selling products strictly or mostly through stationary outlets need the best possible online presentation. In addition to good product descriptions, high-quality product images and presentation options are critical for winning over potential buyers. 

To meet the challenges of product presentation, pCon.configurator Online is the perfect solution. Like all of our products, pCon.configurator is constantly evolving, with particular attention being paid to visual presentation. With the online configurator, you can show your customers both pre-determined images as well as real-time renderings for product presentation. Both of these methods can be used in combination. With this, it is feasible that predetermined images, particularly for popular configurations, can be used to realistically present product details to the customer. For the other variants, real-time configuration can be used. 

The possibility of combining predetermined images and real-time image calculation, and the quality that can be achieved with real-time visualizations, can be seen in the configuration example of “on spot” from Sedus. In addition to using the latest computational algorithms, careful attention was given to product specifications and materials. 

Manufacturers and dealers can present all variants of their products with pCon.configurator Online. The difference between predetermined images and real-time generated images can be seen in the configuration example of “on spot” from Sedus.

As usual you can integrate the online configurator into your website and your online shop and customize the user interface as you please.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Processing of OFML Data
  • 3D-Display
  • Content Generation (CAD models …)
  • Use of photorealistic images and real-time image calculation
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Everything for the Kitchenette – New Data in Southern Europe

The kitchenette – which office doesn’t have one? For those little in between breaks, for spontaneous meetings or for informal encounters in an otherwise formal workday: the office kitchen is more often than not the heart of the company, and as a result, an important part of the planning phase. Our colleagues from southern Europe are well aware of this, and therefore approached the topic and developed a new generic library of data for the kitchen and living areas. The data are provided via pCon.update in Southern Europe.

Professional planners in all industries can obtain the 3D data through pCon.update to plan and visualize their kitchens. Regardless of whether you’re planning a kitchen with a break room or a simple kitchenette, the generic kitchen data allow for countless variations and design possibilities. The set of rules integrated within the data ensures comfortable handling, even for the planning of more complex designs. Cabinets and shelves, for example, can be chosen from various designs. If the desired combination of material, color and door handles is found, this combination will be effortlessly carried over to the next cabinet, and so on, until the planned kitchen unit is complete. 

Let your kitchen dreams come true with EasternGraphics' generic kitchen library.
Features at a glance:
  • Base and tall cabinets, cupboards, and cabinets for built-in appliances with preset standard sizes
  • Sink, microwave, stove and kitchen appliances placed automatically 
  • Various door panels
  • Thousands of configuration capabilities
  • Matte and glossy variations of hundreds of colors, different metals, woods and other materials
  • Detailed 2D plan view with dimensioning 

The library is regularly improved and new items are added. Go ahead and give it a try yourself. We’re looking forward to your feedback. 

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20 Years of EasternGraphics

20 years of company history is a good reason to celebrate. And so it was that the party began at 3:00 p.m. on June 19, 2015 when the "Haus am See" in Ilmenau opened its doors to celebrate EasternGraphics' 20th anniversary. Numerous employees from the Ilmenau headquarters, colleagues from foreign subsidiaries and partners, public officials, long-standing customers and companions were among the invited guests.

Volker Blankenberg, Head of Sales, hosted the program of entertainments and events. The speech by Mr Hendrik Hund, Managing Director of Hund Möbelwerke GmbH & Co.KG and Chairman of bso Verband Büro-, Sitz- und Objektmöbel e.V., praised the honesty of his organizations’ partnerships with EasternGraphics and was particularly well-received. His sharing of fond memories was the cause of much laughter.

While Frank Wicht, CEO of EasternGraphics, gave his personal review of the past 20 years, William van de Vorstenbosch, Managing Director of EasternGraphics Benelux B.V., spoke about internationalization, cooperation and partnership from the perspective of the subsidiaries. His contribution concluded with the presentation of a gift from all the EasternGraphics subsidiaries – a bronze statue bearing the inscription "Together we are stronger!"

For the musical accompaniment during the official section of the event, we would like to give our warm thanks to the following people: Volker Schmidtmann, composer of the "EasternGraphics Song" (which will live long in all our memories) and our company choir "Die Unerhörten" as well as Simon Blankenberg, who thrilled us at the piano. 

Excited eyes and ears followed the "lottery fairies" who made the day for the four children and their families – the lucky winners of the raffle. Each won a gift voucher for a day at the zoo. For the adults there were further raffle prizes waiting to be won – weekend breaks in the european company's partner cities of Eindhoven, Lyon, Bologna and Kraków. Rock music from the "Emsperlen" kept the party going and dancers on the floor late into the night.

With this spirit of togetherness in mind, we would like to thank all our customers for their loyalty. We look forward to working with you for many years to come!
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