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The innovative nature of your and our solutions promises success in the market to costumers. Innovations stand for progress and adaptations that meet the challenges of constantly changing conditions. They are not subjected to any rules. Working environments are continuously being reinterpreted, thereby redefining the needs of the office furniture industry. In order to meet these demands, we have to find innovative software solutions that provide optimum support for the manufacturers' processes.

EasternGraphics is constantly working to develop new solutions that support your daily tasks. In this edition of our newsletter, we tell you more about the news you can expect to find at this year's Orgatec. We also explain why the broadcasting company WDR has selected the pCon.planner for designing the room plans and interior design concepts for its broadcasting centre in Düsseldorf. And we show you how to make the printout of your planning more effifcient with the use of templates.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition of our newsletter!

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Orgatec 2014 - What you can expect from us

Modern working environments. The expansion and development of the Internet makes us flexible. Mobile applications are growing in importance and enabling us to decide where and when we work. Modern working environments require flexible solutions that allow us to exchange information quickly and efficiently. This is the background to Orgatec 2014, which sets the agenda for the networked mobile office. About 600 exhibitors look forward to welcome you to the trade fair and offering you their answers to the growing demand for flexible working models and optimum workplace environments.

Online marches on. The networked office now offers new ways to optimize processes. Online applications are becoming the central theme in the development of our solutions. They allow us to work using standardized workflows based on consistent, uniform and centralized data. At the Orgatec we are introducing a new application to support your sales processes online. OFML data are processed centrally on a server. This ensures that every user works with up-to-date OFML data at all times.

We look forward to your visit! You can find us in hall 8.1 at stall C048. Image source: Orgatec

Impress: Persuasive presentations. Create professional presentations of your work that delight and inspire your customers. Use our online service Impress to produce powerful presentations using the content generated in pCon.planner and post these online. Your customers can then view the content by opening Impress via their PC or tablet browser. At Orgatec you will be able to discover more about the interesting new functions offered by this presentation service. The new generation of Impress allows you to offer your customers impressive 3D views of their products and provide selected documents for them to download. Moreover, the new and expanded version of the online service supports not only content generated in pCon.planner but also PDF documents and your own images. Use your expertise and know-how to create emotionally appealing presentations of unimagined quality.

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Efficient printout with templates

Many of the tasks involved in project planning are repetitive, e.g. exchanging room plans with the other parties who are participating in the project. This process can be optimized using a standardized planning printout. The pCon.planner PRO includes an option that allows you to do this by creating a user-defined layout in preparation for printing. Layouts are pages on which you can place elements to be printed exactly as you wish. You can use the viewport to define the elements to be displayed and assign special properties to each view. Therewith it is possible to display or hide separate levels for each view. This enables you to highlight different sections of the plan such as acoustic materials, cable ducts, wires or other planning elements.

Templates optimize processes. To ensure that your layout has a consistent appearance, you can save it as a template. It is now available to be used in all your upcoming plans. The template contains all the information you have defined. In other words, when you import the template, it not only adopts the arrangement of views, perspectives and display modes but also all the information concerning the levels that are displayed or hidden. These standardized templates ensure the quality of your printout. They help you to maintain a consistent appereance and save time for adjusting the layout each time before printing. Make a one-off investment in creating your master template and reap the rewards over the long term.

You can find more information about how to create, save and import layouts in our HelpCenter.

The usage of layout templates saves time during planning projects. Information about displayed and hidden levels are saved and highlighting various parts of the planning is possible.
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pCon – A flexible solution for the broadcaster WDR

As a public service broadcaster, the WDR reports daily on the latest regional, national and international events. Coordinating its large network of 4700 permanent employees and a large number of freelance staff in editorial, film and production teams as well as those in various interacting areas is a major logistical challenge. In such a dynamic working environment, workflows can only function smoothly if in-house planners are able to assign employees to workplaces flexibly and at short notice and to use available work areas efficiently.

The new open space area on the third floor of the WDR's broadcasting centre in Düsseldorf was planned with the pCon.planner and presented in advance.

Office planning at WDR. A number of years ago, the WDR started searching for a room and office planning solution and investigated products from a number of suppliers. After careful consideration, pCon was selected– a choice inspired by one of the broadcaster's suppliers. The decisive factor was that the software package supported the planning team throughout the entire room and office planning process and met the broadcaster's requirements in this area. These included not only precise planning and layout of large areas with 3D representations of real furniture but also compliance with strict standards, such as fire safety regulations, occupational health and safety regulations and internal style guides. In addition, it was vital to be able to determine the costs of a project while it was still in the planning phase.

The integration of the process-oriented pCon solution into its infrastructure optimized WDR's room planning process:

  1. pCon.update provides the media company with up-to-date information from manufacturers.
  2. The planning department can produce a variety of furnishing suggestions and presentation materials in pCon.planner as required.
  3. Orders are then triggered via pCon.basket. After being checked by the purchasing department, they are transferred into the company's own SAP system and then finally placed .
The first project to be planned and realized since the switchover from pCon.planner 5 to pCon.planner 6 was the the "cross-media WDR powerhouse" that opened in March this year. It is the base for a number of editorial teams producing contributions for WDR's radio, television and Internet services.

Individual solutions for major customers. The WDR is just one of many examples that illustrate how specialist retailers and major customers with their own planning department are using successfully pCon products. Manufacturers, specialist retailers und major customers can all benefit from the advantages of OFML standards and the extensive infrastructure of the pCon network. 

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Know-how for acoustic planning

Focused and productive working in an office environment requires one thing above all others: silence. The office furniture industry has long recognized this need and responded by offering furniture products that actively influence workplace acoustics. And room acoustics will also be one of the main topics at Orgatec in October 2014.

Room acoustics in the planning process. The new acoustic plug-in for the pCon.planner PRO enables you to optimize room acoustics already in the planning process itself. It was initiated by the Verband Büro-, Sitz- und Objektmöbel e. V. and developed by Akustikbüro Oldenburg and EasternGraphics GmbH. You can find more information about the acoustic plug-in here.

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With the acoustic plug-in for the pCon.planner PRO the acoustic efficiency of different materials is visualized, depending on the frequency range. Beforehand, OMFL data has to be extended by acoustic information. Image source: Assmann Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG
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Next generation of the OnlinePlanner

Simple planning in the Internet. A number of manufacturers in the areas of household furniture and laboratory equipment have been using the OnlinePlanner on their websites for several years. This flash-based planning tool enables customers to produce simple room plans and then to complete them with the assistance of specialist retailers using the pCon.planner. The Verband Büro-, Sitz- und Objektmöbel e. V. is taking a similar approach. The customer is made aware of the planning service by the office furnishing retailer, mentioning that there is no harm in finding out how the future office will look before one buys it.

Planning with OFML and in 3D. The second generation of the OnlinePlanner is available right now. Users still produce their plans in 2D. However, these plans can now be displayed in 3D as well. With the integration of the Online Configurator with OFML data you can select the products you wish from the catalogs, configure them and insert them into your plan.

The new OnlinePlanner enables the presentation of room plans in a 3D view.

Relevance from a customer’s perspective. The OnlinePlanner is an ideal extension for websites for gaining new potential customers. Moreover, by integrating the OnlinePlanner into a shop system, significant additional value for all is offered– from major customers to those planning a home office occasionally.
Overview of functions:

  • 2D room and furnishing layouts
  • 3D display of plans
  • Access to OFML® catalogs
  • Integration of the Online Configurator
  • Producing lists and information of articles
  • Interface with pCon.basket
  • Transfer article lists to shop systems
  • Save and load plans
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All news about pCon.planner from a single source

Our technology blog has a new home that will allow you find out all the latest news about pCon.planner even faster in future. Until now, the blog was accessible through the pCon.planner Help Center. The technology blog has now been merged with the pCon blog.

You can now receive information about technical aspects of the product, the latest innovations in pCon.planner and updates concerning the Help Center under the category Technical information. Subscribe to the pCon blog to ensure that you remain informed of the newest developments in future.

The Help Center will continue to exist as a service platform offering quick access to the product help function and all the important documentation as well as tutorials.

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