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We have been to a busy year 2013. It was a year in which we continued to work together with you to develop refinements to our existing products and develop new ideas. The implementation of the acoustic plugin for calculating and visually representing reverberation time within a room and the continuous development of our online configuration tool are just two of the many technologies we have been working on every day in response to specific demands of the market.

And 2014 also promises to be anything but dull. It is the year of Orgatec and therefore a year for inspiring and stimulating solutions. We are delighted to be able to present one of these in this edition of our newsletter: the presentation service impress. In addition, you can discover modern techniques for presenting your products in the internet by reading the use case of König+Neurath.

Before we go any further, we would like to thank all our customers and partners for the trust they have placed in us over recent years as well as for their creativity and support, without that we would not have been able to develop neither innovative nor market-driven products. We wish you and your families a happy and successful 2014 and look forward to the continuation of our work together.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition of our newsletter.

Your EasternGraphics Team

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Alle roads lead to ORGATEC

Orgatec is not just the highlight of the year for the sector but also an opportunity for visitors to inform themselves in detail about the latest trends and topics in the office furniture sector. Under this year's exhibition motto "modern working environments", every aspect of the world of work will be investigated in the halls of the Koelnmesse trade fair centre with a special focus on the networked mobile office.

As in previous years, we will be participating at Orgatec together with our partners and subsidiaries in order to present the latest innovations from the world of pCon products and innovative web services. We will send you more details about our presentations in time.

We look forward to welcoming a great many visitors to our stand and warmly invite you to drop by! The trade fair is open to visitors daily from 9 am to 6 pm.

Tip: Take a glance at the ORGATEC NEWS blog  from time to time (only available in German language). Here you can find regular updates about the latest topics in the sector such as acoustics, lighting and much more.

Drop by and see us – we look forward to your visit!
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Get ready to impress

Modern working environments require modern tools. The demand for high-quality presentations is great. Due to the increasing need for mobility with international teams and cross-border projetcs, presentations and communication of ideas and projects call for new solutions. Cloud storage services offer its users to benefit from the almost inexhaustible data storage in the cloud and to have access to their data from everywhere at any time.

EasternGraphics is therefore pleased to offer you its new online presentation service impress, which is available right now and free of charge. A tool that facilitates working in the modern world.

Allow Mrs. A. and Mr. I. to introduce the new service to you and watch impress in action.

impress shows new perspectives. The web service impress takes advantage of the cloud storage service Dropbox. Once the consent has been given by the user, the service accesses the corresponding Dropbox account and uses it as a storage location for uploaded media. This not only provides backup for your presentation data but also allows you to access this data at any time and from any location. When you start impress, you first have to open the administration area that provides an overview of your presentations. Here you can create, edit, view, send or delete presentations at the click of a mouse.

You can resort the content of each presentation intuitively using drag & drop and complement it with additional information such as titles and descriptions. The app allows you to design presentations using images in the formats JPG and PNG, to create 360° panorama views in the epan format and multi-content pictures in the eimg format.

Change the arrangement of presentation content using drag & drop. How the presentation is presented to your addressee, you can see by clicking on the image. We have created a demo presentation for you.

One Service, a lot of value. When your presentation is complete, you can invite other people to view it by sending them a public link. By simply clicking on this link, your presentation opens in the recipient’s browser, e.g. your customer or any other interested party. You can check in advance while modeling how the content is presented for the receiver of your link. Both you and your project partner can view all media content in the browser without having to install any additional plugins.

360° images offer a panoramic view of the room and are perfect to convey a room’s atmosphere. Users can even view and use the full functionality of multi-content pictures. These images are enriched with additional information on the used products, accessible just at the click of a mouse.

impress allows you to create, view and send persuasive presentations which are compatible with all devices. Whether you are using a tablet or laptop – there are no compatibility barriers, the quality is staying consistently high. You and your customers enjoy total flexibility.

Learn more. With today’s release of the beta-version of the new service we offer a demo presentation that contains the three media types applicable in impress. On the pages “Learn more” in impress you can read all the important information about the service and immediately create your own presentation. Convince yourself of the potential of the new service and “get ready to impress”.

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Seek and you shall find - major changes to pCon.catalog

The challenge of finding 2-D and 3-D graphic symbols quickly and easily is a recurring problem in the context of planning rooms and furnishings. When you are trying to realize a project, searching proverbially for needle in a haystack is the last thing you need. You want to find the CAD data you require for your planning – and the quicker the better. Everyone recognizes that efficiency in the workplace is increasingly important.

As a web portal, pCon.catalog features products from many well-known manufacturers in the area of office and home furnishings as well as in the industry of the medical technology. Many of you already use the portal either to present graphic symbols of your products or to plan the graphic symbols of your manufacturer.

It is with this in mind that we are currently working on improvements to the portal, which are scheduled to go online in the first quarter of this year. It will feature a new look and will be far more functionally. These changes focus on the most important aspect of the portal – searching. After all, if you are looking for symbols you should find symbols. Of course, you can still browse in the manufacturers' catalogs. We aim to reinforce the communication between suppliers and consumers further.

We look forward to showing you more details of the new face of the pCon.catalog portal in the next edition!

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König + Neurath: Step-by-step to your dream product

Challenge? Opportunity! The sales landscape is changing noticeably and web applications are increasingly becoming the focus of communication between companies and customers. This trans­formation on the one hand and the continuing strong level of demand from customers for information on the other are resulting in new challenges for sales and distribution – because customers are increasingly investing in electronic communication and mobility. König + Neurath treats its customers like royalty and meets their expectations in style.

As one of the largest manufacturers of office furniture in Germany, König + Neurath has a long and established reputation as a major international full-range supplier of complete office furniture, seating and room systems. Despite its strong sense of tradition, the company moves with the times and thereby meets the costumer’s requirements with product presentation in the internet- service included.

Step-by-step to your dream product. As part of its e-business strategy, König + Neurath designed a website that enables customers to configure their own dream product. While the project was implemented by the agency Orange Hive, the technology was supplied by EasternGraphics.

The result of a partnership between three companies: König + Neurath designed its own product presentation website. This was implemented by the agency Orange Hive and the technology was supplied by EasternGraphics.

After selecting the basic type of product, the user can begin configuring the article. This is done in a number of phases – a significant difference between König + Neurath and many of its competitors. The website guides the user step-by-step to precisely the configuration he requires. It generates and provides 3-D representations and price information for the current configuration on-demand. Users can skip or repeat steps as they wish. The thematic structure (e.g. back, equipment, seat ergonomics) quickly and easily guides users to the features they want to change. Select the basic type of product, configure it and the job is done.

First virtual, then real. Configuration and service go hand-in-hand at König + Neurath. At every stage of the configuration process users can view all product features listed and also call up information about standard equipment. In addition, they can access further services at the touch of a button, e.g. display the data sheet for the selected item or request a quotation. This is automatically addressed and sent to the closest specialist retailer.

Users are guided step-by-step through the article configuration, during which they can also call up price and service information on the right-hand side. Here, the user can also see a 3-D representation of the current configuration.

One website, many different benefits. König + Neurath supports its users from finding the right product to requesting a quotation and making contact with the nearest specialist retailer. Everyone benefits equally. pCon.configurator Online is discreetly integrated into the manufacturers' processes and provides key sales arguments.

Here is an overview of the most important features of the configurations by König + Neurath once again:

  • Configuration of individual articles
  • Step-by-step configuration of your dream product
  • Web-based solution requires no local installation
  • Service? Of course!

We thank König + Neurath for their many years of trusty partnership and look forward to many more exciting projects in the future.

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New and more user-friendly version of pCon.update DataClient

The new version 1.8 of pCon.update DataClient has been available since December of last year. It introduced a whole range of improvements including the following highlights:

  • Revised update list, resulting in a well-structured portrayal of updates
  • Possibility to define links between update packages and online documents
  • pCon.update linkage to pCon.configurator online
  • e-mail notifications from pCon.update DataClient PRO each time it automatically installed update packages

pCon.update from EasternGraphics provides a valuable tool for online distribution of OFML data. Product data is distributed quickly and efficiently via the internet ensuring that your data is always up-to-date. Automatic updates and installation of OFML data on the users' computer are performed by the pCon.update DataClient.

Do you have any questions about this product? We will be happy to answer them! Write to us!

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Plan. Visualize. FACEBOOK. – pCon.planner can also share

Here and there a new button or a new feature and again and again successful plans of our customers which deserve to be seen by the wider world – pCon.planner and its plans and visualizations produced by our users are improving all the time. And we would like to share this with you.

We launched our new fan page Inside pcon-planner.de pcon-planner.de just at the beginning of this year. The main focus is on our users in the German-speaking world. The page offers exclusive insights into technological innovations along with tips and tricks using pCon.planner as well as posts on current trends from the home and office furnishings industry. You can also view attractive room planning examples created by our users.

Take a look and keep in touch with all the new developments in the world of pCon.planner!
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