Rules related to personal data protection

We attach great importance to the protection of personal data and we try our best, based on the state of the art and the principle of proportionality, to protect such data from unauthorized access. In order to help you decide whether or not you want to make your data available to us, we hereby inform you that your data are required for the provision of certain services (e.g. Impress, pCon.login, pCon.update) and that we may store, process or otherwise use your data for the purposes of the evaluation, contacting you, advising you, sending you information and submitting offers to you and for market research purposes. We may send your data to our affiliated companies and to distribution partners for the fulfillment of the purposes identified above. You authorize us to transfer all data relating to your using the data distribution (your identification data and your update data) to the manufacturers you selected.

Moreover, we are authorized to disclose your data to third parties if this is required in connection with proceedings conducted by a court or other authorities in order to prevent crimes or imminent danger or to safeguard the security of our network or our services.

We inform you that we cannot guarantee the complete protection of your data (e.g. against hacker attacks). The Internet is a worldwide open network where – despite technical security arrangements - data can get lost or be intercepted by unauthorized persons. Transmitting personal data via the Internet is at your own risk.

Upon request, you can obtain information regarding your data which are saved by us and you may demand that your data be corrected, deleted or blocked. If you want to object to our using your data at a later time, you may revoke your consent thereto at any time by informing us thereof. It is impossible to correct or delete data in backups. The same applies to data which must be available for invoicing purposes.

We expressly state that you are not obliged to make your data available to us. However, contacting us via the contact forms provided by us and/or using certain services is only possible if you provide us with the required data and if you agree to these data protection rules. You may also contact us via mail, telephone, fax or e-mail using the addresses or phone numbers contained in the legal notice.