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Visualizing and presenting products and product solutions are recurrent themes in the office and home furnishings industry. Where and how products should be presented, both in terms of media and physical displays, has a direct impact on product sales. The rule of thumb here is that, if you want to stand out, you need innovative ideas and intelligent publicity strategies.

When a display piece is within the actual physical sales area, how can companies use intelligent media solutions to provide additional information? Some excellent ideas have been developed, which include placing QR codes on displayed products or using interactive steles as additional sources of information, as is done in VitraHaus (we reported in conjunction with the online configurator).

In this edition, you will find more examples of customer-oriented communication and contemporary product presentation. Customers will show how they use pCon to successfully present their products, and EasternGraphics will introduce its new presentation service. Besides we show you a possibility to make your product pictures more individual.

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Bene: versatile products, meaningful product presentations

The Bene company is as enthusiastic about presenting its product solutions as it is about the products themselves. Convincing from start to finish.

Innovative quality and design. When people hear the name Bene, they associate it with pro­fessionalism at every level – with a full service provider that sets industry trends and offers intelligent solutions in an ever-changing work culture. One of these solutions is CUBE_S. Based on a modular concept, this new product line meets the demands of an open office environment that unites spaces for concentration and focus with areas that foster teamwork. Distinct. Contemporary. But how can Bene explain that to its customers?

A planning project that Bene carried out using pCon.planner shows what a modern work environment can look like. CUBE_S can be arranged in a variety of layouts depending on a customer's needs - therefor there are both verbal and visual arguments.

Bene showcases its products. Bene has been using the planning and configuration solutions that pCon offers for several years, applying the resulting content in various types of media. The strategy works for new product lines too, with the company developing complex design concepts, generating high-quality animation and creating photorealistic illustrations that are now used in sophisticated image films and product brochures. Bene has taken the notion of "picturing something" literally – it only takes a few seconds, after all, for a good product illustration to convey important information for making purchase decisions.

Created and implemented efficiently. Generating animation produces a number of high-quality images, which Bene then uses for a variety of different kinds of presentations – and that simplifies workflows and speeds up internal processes. Typical settings from object movies, for instance, can be found in model overviews and sales contracts, where they bring the essentials into focus and provide a detailed look at the full range of the product line's features.

This results in a variety of sales tools, and these create added value for sales office employees and field sales reps alike. While these tools help our sales office create significantly more efficient catalogs, for example, they also make it easier for our field representatives to explain products and product variations.

Images and animations rendered with pCon.planner are embedded in object movies again and again. One of the highlights here are rotating settings, which run through various configurations when rotated.

Bene has an outstanding grasp of how to present the tremendous versatility of CUBE_S – and pCon is happy to make a contribution to professional, sophisticated product presentation.

Which advantages do 3D solutions by pCon have?
"3d presentations enable to experience office concepts spatially. Thereby attention is drawn to the products’ usage and functions."
Read more excerpts from the interview with Hannes Scheer (Head of Product Management – Workspace at Bene).

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Vitra: intelligent online product presentation

Vitra - full of ideas for using OFML. Vitra was one of the first manufacturers to discover OFML for itself and has been actively using the service ever since. Once used primarily for classic offline applications, such as planning and generating quotes, Vitra’s OFML data are now increasingly finding their way online. And these online applications are extraordinarily intelligent and multifaceted, taking forms such as the mobile catalog or, in the case of VitraHaus, as interactive information steles that provide access to an online configurator with additional information on the products displayed. Now Vitra is impressing by displaying product variants on the Web.

Online configurator meets website. Vitra has completely reworked its entire online product presentation to produce a winning solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. On its new website, Vitra gives users the option of searching for furniture both by category and through highly focused images. Users can configure products however they wish – and that includes suitably generated preview images – the result is an efficient overview of all available product variations.

The new Vitra website allows users to place orders online and to configure any product and generate suitable preview images.

As the use of tablet PCs and smart phones continues to spread, web-based systems are becoming more and more important. The pCon.configurator online is one response to this development, and Vitra demonstrates how to use OFML skillfully for aesthetic product presentations.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Vitra for its close collaboration. The company has been working with us for a long time, and continues to inspire us to explore new territory.

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A new format for online presentations

Presentations in the cloud. Demand for high-quality presentations is huge. In this age of the Internet and ubiquitous connectivity, presenting also means being able to take advantage of the virtually inexhaustible data storage available in the cloud. Cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive give users the ability to have their data available everywhere – whether on a tablet PC, cell phone, laptop or desktop PC – expanding our understanding of the term mobile.

Create presentations quickly and easily. By developing an online presentation service, EasternGraphics has found a way to use the convenience of these cloud storage services for creating, administrating and distributing web presentations. Interaction with the web service is simple, allowing users to compile individual media content such as images, panoramas, multicontent pictures and PDF documents into a complete presentation that can be distributed to other individuals. To use the service, all users need is a Dropbox account, which, with the user’s consent, then stores all uploaded media and provides access for anywhere in the world. After logging in to the administration area, you can quickly and easily access and edit all of the presentations and content that you have created. Before sending the link to the finished presentation (using the built-in e-mail form), you can go to the Live View function to see what it will look like when viewed.

Designed in a Windows 8-style tile layout, the new presentation service includes an administration area where drag and drop functionality allows you to rearrange images and enhance uploaded media with additional information.

Captivating online product presentations. Link recipients – i.e., your customers or other interested parties – can click on the link for a project overview organized in a contemporary tile configuration. This is where the key strength of the web service comes into play: not only can users click on images to enlarge them or on PDF files to open them – they can also view complex panorama images and multicontent pictures without having to install additional plugins. This opens up completely new options for online product presentations, and eliminates the hurdle of having to install unfamiliar software components. Viewers benefit from the ability to see rooms using their iPads, laptops or desktop PCs from the comfort of their kitchen table or when they’re on the go. The presentation service lets you enjoy complete flexibility without compromising quality.

To be released in the fall. The first release of the web service is planned for the fall of 2013 to coincide with the release of pCon.planner 6.7. While users will be able to call up the service directly from their room planning software, the service functions completely independently and is freely accessible to anyone on the Internet.

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Render styles: personality delivers an emotional response

Not all images are created equal. If you want to stand out, you can’t hide yourself away. And people who stand out are often those who are innovative, extreme, or just different. So if you want to put your products in the spotlight, pCon.planner 6 offers a number of sophisticated rendering options. What you want is what matters.

Animations and panoramic images can render a planning session in considerable detail. Whereas the camera can capture the scene from all sides in an animation, what makes a panoramic image a persuasive tool is that it invites user interaction (example). Stationary images have their charms as well, however, and can take many forms other than photorealistic images.

Render styles: a little more individuality. The Render styles button in pCon.planner Pro gives users a number of options for creating their own display style, allowing them to customize the basic mode, colors and line styles for real-time display. They can also embed logos, icons and other pictures if desired.

If you would like to know how to create and save a render style, just go to Help and look under “Render style.”

pCon.planner allows you to generate a number of different media formats – just pick the one that appeals to you most!

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Miscellaneous. International.

EcoTax: pCon responds to the demands of the French market. An environmental tax was levied on the sale of furniture within France on May 1, 2013, in order to promote more environmentally friendly practices within the industry. Specifically, this means increasing recycling quotas and reducing waste. The size of the tax depends on weight and on the materials used in the furniture. According to lawmakers, the tax must be disclosed in a way that is understandable to the end customer. With this in mind, EasternGraphics developes a solution for the pCon.basket: implementing a special module now ensures that the environmental tax will be indicated on all quotes as required by law. Manufacturers have to store the corresponding information in their OFML data.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at info@easterngraphics.com.

International focus: EasternGraphics establishes more subsidiaries. Another EasternGraphics subsidiary will leave the starting gate in August of this year, as Grzegorz Mika in Cracow wins over the Polish market for OFML and pCon. Poland is home to a large number of furniture manufacturers – and what could be better than offering customer support where customers actually work? This step also mirrors the development of many of our return customers, who have likewise expanded their European and international structures. With the Polish subsidiary we have seven EasternGraphics locations all over Europe.

pCon products make a big impression at Design District. For the second time, EasternGraphics presented OFML and pCon at Design District, the leading interior decoration and design event in the Netherlands. In addition to EasternGraphics, some 150 exhibitors took advantage of this platform to introduce their latest interior design products. The response to pCon products was quite positive. Thanks to the work of our Dutch colleagues, pCon is not an unknown quantity in the Benelux countries, and is a familiar solution for a variety of industries and processes.

Online catalogs win over new customers in northern and southern Europe. A few new online catalogs have found their way onto the pCon.catalog portal during the first half of the year. The work of our Scandinavian partner, SHD KPS Nordic ApS, has paid off, as a large portion of our newly acquired customers have been recruited from Scandinavia. The EasternGraphics branch office in Bologna, Italy, has also managed to drum up enthusiasm for the online catalog portal. Our many new customers in northern and southern Europe are adding high-quality 3D furniture models to the online platform and making first-rate designs available to users for furnishing their homes and offices.

Website becomes multilingual. The EasternGraphics Website is now available in Portuguese language. Who we are, what we do and where to find us best, we would like to say in your language – and therefore we are currently working on further translations. Soon our web presence is to be read also in Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Dutch and Russian.

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