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In the area of professional furnishings, it quickly becomes apparent that there are a wide range of topics on the table that require consideration. Merely taking into account the functional design and structural division of indoor spaces is no longer sufficient when planning rooms. Color and lighting designs are also important and presuppose that an adequate selection of materials and products are available. When professional planners and interior designers seek inspiration, why should they not find your products? Inspire others through your innovations and put your products in architects' hands, onto the plan – and to the customer!

It is in this spirit that this edition of our newsletter is dedicated to the subject of Architectural Services. Read examples of our customers who are responding in different ways to the demand for CAD symbols and find out more about OFML import for ArchiCAD. We are also proud to present our new website and report the latest news from the world of pCon.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition!

Your EasternGraphics team

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Interior design: first virtual, then real.

Bringing 3D worlds to life requires CAD data. If an interior designer’s presentation convinces a builder, the latter will implement the project as planned – and the builder will soon be sitting on the furniture that the designer has picked out, having only recently seen them in the virtual world.

When interior designers work on a project, it doesn’t take long before they have a rough idea of the products and materials they would like to use. If they haven’t already been on the lookout for appropriate symbols, CAD data or photos (e.g., to take inspiration from furniture suggestions and typicals) they will be by now. After all, furniture that is both functionally and aesthetically appropriate and in an appropriate color – appropriate for the client, that is – is simply part of a promising presentation. And what could be more convincing that a virtual, 3D presentation of a potential solution?

The challenge of using a variety of different planning and visualization systems is finding the CAD format (DWG, 3DS, etc.) that works with your everyday toolkit. So how do designers approach the task of looking for graphic symbols without it turning into a proverbial search for a needle in a haystack?

VS-Möbel and Steelcase have two different solutions, along with ways of providing interior designers and planners with CAD data. They also offer a platform designed for just this kind of situation: the companies maintain 3D symbols in a central location, where they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the world and for various CAD systems. And pCon technology helps make it work.

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VS-Möbel – Customizing CAD data.

VS-Möbel: Bridging tradition and modern style. A leading manufacturer of school furniture and a specialist in commercial furnishings, VS-Möbel has been developing high-quality furniture and compelling interior design ideas for over 100 years. Unlike other manufacturers, VS uses direct marketing techniques to sell its products, targeting its services to interior designers and planners.

Select, configure, download and plan products. The VS-Möbel product portfolio is available online: interior designers and planners can select products from the online catalog, configure them on the basis of actually available variations, and obtain a preview image of the item created by the online configurator. At the click of a mouse, users can then enlarge this photorealistic image and download it directly as a PDF and/or print it out.
One highlight of this feature is that it allows registered users to download the desired version of a product as a 3DS or DWG file – popular formats that can be integrated into a number of different planning systems.

Preconfigured products are available for download for registered users. VS-Möbel offers 3DS and DWG files.

Whereas VS-Möbel configures its products using SAP technology, images and geometric information are created online using pCon.configurator.

VS-Möbel offers an option for supplying interior designers and planners with CAD symbols – here are the details:

  • Online configuration (no need to install data locally)
  • Download for a closed user group
  • 3DS and DWG formats
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Steelcase - CAD solutions at the press of a button.

Steelcase: An office furnishings jack-of-all-trades. As one of the world’s leading producers of office furnishings and innovative space solutions, Steelcase knows how to captivate customers. The venerable manufacturer offers an online service that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Steelcase develops complete interior design solutions, and makes its typicals available for download. Inspiration, download, architectural services.

Browse, discover, download: a solution is just a click away. The Steelcase online catalog is waiting for you on pCon.catalog with compelling, holistic interior solutions. The well-organized planning ideas showcased here have been collected by experts and are available for download as a complete CAD solution.

pCon.planner allows users working within the planning software environment to access the online catalog directly and upload typicals into their workspace.

One unique feature of the online catalog is that the complete OFML data are contained in the background. This provides users of pCon.xcad and pCon.planner ME and Pro with quick, easy access to lists of priced items for planning examples, allowing them to modify these examples using downstream product configurations.

More than a planning symbol library. Steelcase skillfully uses its online catalog as a marketing tool and as sales support. In addition to being able to download graphic symbols, users also have access to product images, specifications, brochures and, in select cases, product videos as well. Used in this way, the online catalog does more than inspire interior designers and planners – it is also a valuable source of support for sales, as planning suggestions like these make for fast and efficient marketing work.

The online catalog provides additional information. With a single click, the complete solution is downloaded as a DWG file.

In order to raise the profile of the online catalog, Steelcase allows users to access it from pCon.catalog or directly from the Steelcase website (multiple languages available).

Downloading 3D symbols from Steelcase – the specifics:

  • Complete CAD product solutions, collected by experts
  • Direct access to 3D data from pCon.planner
  • pCon.planner users can configure products after downloading them
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    Making CAD symbols available – creating added value

    Graphic symbols are in high demand. Architectural services from pCon can help you find the right solution.

    • Maintaining 3D symbols in a central location is easy.
      Usable anywhere in the world, 24/7.
    • Customizable for individual applications.
      Make CAD data available for anyone or for a select group of people
      Make individual objects or complete solutions available for download
    • Make your OFML data usable for a variety of different A&D CAD systems.
      Offer a variety of CAD formats (3DS, DWG, Revit, etc.) and make your data more relevant.

    Not only will pCon technology give you the support you need for presenting a broad range of products – it will also help you address specific target groups. If you would like more details about our architectural service solutions, please see our website or contact us directly.

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    OFML import for ArchiCAD

    ArchiCAD users now have an add-on at their disposal that makes planning interior design and furniture systems much easier.

    Users can now open pCon.configurator directly while working in the application, using this tool to configure and visualize OFML objects. They can then upload their desired configuration into ArchiCAD as a finished graphic symbol; conversion to GDL objects is automatic.

    This means that planners now not only have individual CAD symbols at their disposal – they also have access to all available variations of a piece of furniture and, if available, a manufacturer’s entire product line: intelligent components, configured intuitively and visually compelling. Selecting products and materials just got more flexible.

    Follow this link for Download and instruction film.

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    New EasternGraphics website is online

    EasternGraphics launched a new website on April 2, 2013. In addition to acquiring an unmistakably new design, the site has also undergone a thorough content restructuring. The change reflects not only the development of pCon products over the last 18 years, but also the changing expectations of website visitors and the transformation within the industry and the market.

    The content of the restructured website is now much more focused on presenting holistic solutions for 3D product configuration, 3D interior design applications and pCon’s new architectural services. The website provides simple examples illustrating how the pCon product line can be applied throughout the entire data handling process, and provides introductory information covering issues ranging from business and graphic data creation to the various options for using data and for distributing data over the Internet.

    In one completely new feature, the site now showcases individual reference projects, not only demonstrating the various ways pCon products can be used, but also presenting the clients’ perspectives.

    Select News from the menu to stay abreast of news from EasternGraphics, learn about upcoming dates and events, and upload the EasternGraphics newsletter. You can also take high-quality photos and panoramic images that you have planned and rendered with pCon.planner and view them directly on the new website.

    As time goes on, we will be modifying occasional details, updating data and adding new reference projects. So keep coming back to check out the EasternGraphics website – you’ll be glad you did.

    Fresh, focused and manifold. the new EasternGraphics website is solution oriented and moves innovative technologies and refence examples into the center of attention.
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    pCon.planner for students

    The Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts will be incorporating pCon.planner into its programs for young interior designers – another step on the way toward integrating pCon and OFML into educational offerings for young architects, interior designers and office planners. The aim here is to work with our sales partner wegscheider office solution to establish a German national network of well-trained students who can pass on their knowledge to their fellow students and use it in the workplace. Knowing how to work with a standard that has become established throughout the industry in Europe will benefit young designers in their professional lives.

    We offer universities a free service package that includes providing licenses for pCon software and conducting regular training workshops.

    This means we are always on the lookout for partners among our clientele who would like to take advantage of this opportunity to promote themselves among creative young professionals and to make their data available for educational initiatives. If you would like to enter into a direct dialog with talented young interior designers, you can present your knowledge of the industry as part of training sessions and presentations.

    Please contact us for further information.

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    pCon at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile

    One of the highlights of the furniture industry calendar was held April 9 - 14, 2013, at the Milan convention center: the Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

    Sophisticated trade show booths and extravagant Italian design, paired with the charm of the medieval heart of this bastion of the design industry, all make the Milan trade show extra special each year. EasternGraphics was also at this year’s unique event, showcasing the latest gems from its developers’ treasure chest and presenting the newest projects from its Italian clients.

    The focus was on acoustic plugins and their benefits, which two Italian manufacturers, Caimi and SAGSA, have already used to their advantage. In addition, interested visitors also enjoyed an exclusive sneak preview of a planned feature that will make it significantly easier to upload planning data and presentation media from pCon.planner.

    Salone also saw the launch of the online catalog from Novamobili, the first Italian manufacturer to collaborate on a complete OFML project with EasternGraphics.

    In this enjoyable video Novamobili presents possible applicatons and advantages of EasternGraphics' planning and configuration software.
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