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Security flaws within Sentinel License Development Kit (LDK®) – What to do?

Security experts have uncovered security flaws within the License Management System Sentinel License Development Kit (LDK®) of the company Gemalto. These have been fixed with the current version 7.63 of this tool (Sentinel Runtime Environment).

EasternGraphics uses this tool for license protection reasons for some of our software applications such as pCon.planner Pro, pCon.creator and pCon.basket Network license server.


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How to solve display and performance problems in pCon.planner

The pCon.planner as a 3D application needs appropriate resources to work smoothly: it need processor power, memory and also a certain amount of graphics memory. Although you meet the recommended hardware requirements, sometimes there can be display and / or performance issues when working with the room planner. Read what you can do about it.


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pCon.planner 7.2 Patch 1 available

The first patch of Version 7.2 of our 3D room planning software is now available!
pCon.planner 7.2 Patch 1 available
The window that pops up when you open pCon.planner is no advertisement – it invites you to update to the latest version of our interior design software. The patch improves the overall performance of pCon.planner and fixes more…

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pCon.planner 7.2 is here!

The new version of pCon.planner is immediately available for download!
pCon.planenr 7.2 is here - download for free
If you like the idea of sharing 3D models with the simple click of the mouse, than give it a try. It couldn’t be easier!

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Video Upload Problems – We are Working on this Issue

Update: The problem is fixed and the upload of videos to Impress is working again. You can now present your projects again without restriction. Due to some technical modifications by YouTube, Impress is experiencing problems when adding videos to presentations … more…

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pCon.planner 7.1 – AutoUpdate is active! Update your version now!

When you opened your pCon.planner today a message showed up: “An update is available!” Take your chance now to get the latest version of the pCon.planner including new functions like the wall objects catalog or the package of construction elements.

Simply click on the request „Download now“ to start the upload procedure!

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pCon.planner 7.1 is out now

As of now you can download the new pCon.planner 7.1. It comes with a lot of new functions to simplify your work process. We have outlined four important features below. If you want to read more on pCon.planner 7.1 as well as its new functions and improvements, please have a look at our website or the document “New features in pCon.planner 7.1”.
Explore the new features in pCon.planner 7.1 more…

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Impress Upload Keeps Getting Stuck? A Few Simple Clicks Could Help.

If you are user of our online presentation service Impress and the upload of certain files regularly stops, it could be due to the settings of your browser security system. In this post we are going to present a solution to the problem.
If the upload of certain files to Impress keeps getting stuck, a few clicks could help more…

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Solution for Current Issues with 3D Warehouse

Update (June 2018): Please note that the document in this article is no longer valid. For issues with 3D Warehouse occuring in June 2018, please refer to this blog post. If you used 3D Warehouse from within the pCon.planner during … more…

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Frequently asked questions about pCon.planner

In consultation with our support team we would like to answer common questions regarding pCon.planner.

  • Who can help me with problems related to the software?
  • Do you run any courses for working with pCon.planner?
  • Does pCon.planner also work in the Mac systems and with Mac OS X?
  • Where can I find accessories or 3D models to complete my planning work?
  • Can I optimize the performance of pCon.planner?


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