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OFML Data by A. & H. Meyer Available via pCon.update

Did you ever fearfully watch the battery of your note book running out during an important conference call, only because there was no socket nearby? Fear no more, the unique electrification solutions by A&H Meyer GmbH put an end to those situations.
OFML Data by A. & H. Meyer Available via pCon.update more…

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OFML Catalog: Make it Matter

Interesting for manufacturers who want to increase the relevance of their OFML catalog …

Supporting retailers through planning solutions in OFML catalogs. With the new exchange format PEC (see also “PEC connects designer and consultant”), manufacturers can incorporate typicals into their OFML catalogs. This way, they’re not only showing individual articles, but are also able to communicate solution proposals within their commercial networks. Such planned solutions make it possible for the sales team to develop high-quality furnishing concepts efficiently and to incorporate specific product knowledge directly into their customer interactions.


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PEC connects designer and consultant

Wherever complex product knowledge is concerned, the right amount of detail and focus is also required. After all, those who have access to sophisticated planning solutions during their presentation, rather than individual products, will reach their customer solution goal that much faster. Thanks to the new exchange format (PEC), planning solutions can be transferred from pCon.planner into the – and therefore directly to the point of sale – and further edited. more…

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Plan and Configure with Nurus Data

Nurus expands pCon integration with pCon.update pCon.update Data distribution

We don’t often put too much thought into the furniture we use – a chair or sofa, desk or storage. Yet these pieces often define the environment we work in. The impact the furniture has on our health or the feel a design gives a room, furniture can have an enormous impact on our productivity and mood. For Nurus, these elements are taken into account for every piece of furniture they create. From adaptable geometric forms to fun pops of color, the Turkish manufacturer most certainly stands out from the rest.


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Nyink OFML data now available via pCon.update

Nyink OFML data now available via pCon.update  room planning OFML 3D CAD Models

Living is experiencing. We experience things by seeing, feeling and hearing. How we experience our environment consequently has a major impact on our life. With a wide range of innovative products, Nyink makes a positive contribution to the way in which we experience our environment.


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Sellex OFML Data Now in pCon.update

OFML Data for Sellex Designs Now in pCon.update room planning pCon.update OFML
The NEN chair from Sellex in the Scottish Parliament. Image source: Sellex

If benches could talk, those from Sellex would have quite a few stories to tell. From the lobby of London’s City Hall and the Scottish Parliament to the world’s largest mall in Dubai, the Spanish furniture manufacturer holds quite the resume for design integration.


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Herman Miller Expanding Available OFML Data

Herman Miller Expands Available OFML Data pCon.update OFML
Image courtesy of: Herman Miller

We spend the majority of our work day sitting. Can you imagine the impact those 6 to 8 hours have on your body? Office furniture manufacturers are well aware of the risks and are constantly working to improve and implement ergonomic and creative solutions that can proactively combat this issue. This includes furniture manufacturer Herman Miller. The firm’s sit-stand Ratio Series, for example, which works to encourage workplace activity and combat long-periods of sitting, is one of many examples of creative and effective ergonomic design.


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Koleksiyon Introduces OFML Data in Time for ORGATEC

Koleksiyon Introduces OFML Data in Time for ORGATEC room planning OFML 3D CAD Models
Image courtesy of

In the furniture sector, it’s all about pushing forward – utilizing the latest technologies to create high-quality and ergonomic designs, pushing the boundaries of design and aesthetics, implementing the most environmentally-friendly practices available. At the same time, it’s important for manufacturers to look back, ensuring that they don’t lose those characteristics and classic elements that make designs timeless. Koleksiyon is the ideal example of such a dichotomy.


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pCon.update: a big step forward for the web portal

For many years, pCon.update has been used successfully as a service for distributing OFML product data and has established itself in the office and contract furniture market as a standard. Manufacturers and retailers benefit from its efficient data distribution, growing circle of users and the easy access to OFML data provided by the service. The greater success places greater demands on pCon.update and the latest revisions and upgrades to the web portal have now addressed these requirements.
New design of the pCon.update web portal. more…

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New Version of pCon.update DataClient is coming in December

The new version 1.8 of pCon.update DataClient is going to be available from the beginning of December. It is coming with a series of improvements.
New Version of pCon.update DataClient is coming in December

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