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pCon.planner 7.1 – AutoUpdate is active! Update your version now!

When you opened your pCon.planner today a message showed up: “An update is available!” Take your chance now to get the latest version of the pCon.planner including new functions like the wall objects catalog or the package of construction elements.

Simply click on the request „Download now“ to start the upload procedure!

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Wall objects in pCon.planner

The pCon.planner offers a variety of elements that you can insert into walls. There are, for example, windows, doors or wall openings. These wall elements were enriched with the wall objects in pCon.planner 7.1. In pCon.catalog you will now find different types of sockets as well as light switches and door openers. In this video tutorial we show you how to use the new functionalities correctly.


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How important are product images in sales documents?

Do you often create lists of articles or offers? Then you need high-quality product images – for special items as well as for set items. Would it be not nice if you could set the camera position by yourself?


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Impress – New media types for the final release

After a beta phase Impress will now be released with full functionality. With today’s release, the service will support new media types and contain extended settings. Presentations created with the beta version can be transferred to the new Impress and still be shared with costumers, friends and business partners. Besides English and German, Impress now supports also French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Czech.

New Impress now! more…

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Louis Poulsen Lighting – Wellbeing in artificial light landscapes

Louis Poulsen Lighting aspires after the perception of artificial lighting as pleasant for humans. Design classic of light architecture were created in the past and those with 3D symbols are now available in pCon.catalog.
Louis Poulsen Lighting   Wohlbefinden in künstlichen Lichtlandschaften

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Basic sketch and planning for pipeworks

Pipeworks can be found in many buildings. Particularly, installations are important for the planning of industrial complexes. Get to know our pipework elements for the integration in your professional planning.


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MEIKO – Integrated cleaning technology for human and environment

With professional dishwashing, cleaning and disinfection technologies by MEIKO you make a clean decision for both human and environment. MEIKO focuses on innovation and imagination to develop sustainable products and solutions. Thereby MEIKO manages to achieve the balance between creativity and costs on the one hand and profitability and environmental protection on the other hand. Spültechnik von Meiko more…

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Franken improved service for planners by providing OFML®-data

The office furniture industry considers OFML® product data as standard in the sales strategy whereas Franken, as a provider of visual communication solutions, is a pioneer in its branch. Supplying OFML-data of products like planning boards is a new download service for planners and furnishing consultants in pCon.catalog. more…

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OBJECT CARPET – Planning data for high-quality design carpets

Object Carpet is your first choice for carpets in sophisticated and classy living spaces. The German company is offering 26 selected carpet qualities as 2D data in pCon.catalog which you can download now.

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