pCon.planner: 10 shortcuts for a boost in productivity

We all have this one friend or colleague whose computer skills and dexterity make us look envious. But beware, this is no magic trick! Real power users know the meaning of shortcuts. They improve our working day and our productivity, because with them we can perform frequently recurring actions faster.

In this blog we have summarized 10 interesting key combinations for working with the pCon.planner:

1. Never get stuck in walls again! (Shift + Zoom): If you are within your room planning and are stuck again, simply press the Shift key while zooming. This enables you to go through objects instead of getting stuck in them.

2. Hide selection and Show all (CTRL + T and CTRL + R): Sometimes you want to quickly hide an object blocking the view. Select one or more objects and press CTRL + T. This hides the selection. With CTRL + R you can show all objects in the planning again.

3. Invert the current selection (CTRL + I): With CTRL + A you can select all objects at once – that’s a basic windows command. But what if you want to select all objects BUT this one? Then you can reverse the current selection with CTRL + I. Cool, right?

4. Show the property editor (F12): You want to check the wall dimensions or configure products? That and much more is possible with the property editor. With a click on F12 you make it visible at any time.

5. Group and Ungroup (CTRL + G / CTRL + U): Inserted models are often grouped – even several times. If you want to quickly break them down into their individual parts, select the group and press CTRL + U for “Ungroup”. With CTRL + G you form a group from the selected objects.

6. Quick Copy (CTRL + Q): Do you want to quickly equip a room with several identical objects? No problem, with CTRL + Q you can place objects several times in a row. With ESC you cancel the action!

7. Change display modes (Shift + F1 – F7): You want to change the display mode quickly? By holding down the shift key and F1 to F7 you can switch through the modes. F1 is always wireframe and F7 is the realistic display mode.

8. Change camera views (CTRL + 3 / 4 / 5): Often used camera views can also be defined by keyboard shortcuts for the active viewport. CTRL + 3 lets you switch to the perspective, 4 for the top view and 5 is the front view.

9. Switch between values (Tabulator): When entering data, you often have several values for length, width or height. With a click on the TAB key you can switch between the different values. The active value is always the one with the colored background.

10. Repeat last command (F2): Last but not least: By simply pressing F2 after an action, the last command is repeated. With this technique you can place multiple doors or windows without having to take another object from the room elements.

There you have it – 10 shortcuts that will hopefully speed up your daily work in pCon.planner! If you want an overview of all available key combinations, have a look at this PDF.

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