Reduce file sizes with pCon.planner – 3 tips for 3D models

3D models can be obtained from a wide variety of sources and often have a large file size – resulting in long loading times and performance losses. An effective reduction of the data volume leads to more reliability and speed in planning.

In this blog we have summarized 3 tips with which 3D models of different formats can be optimized in pCon.planner without loss of quality.

Tip 1: If the performance of your planning is diminishing, then you should clean it up!
It’s the fastest and most obvious tip. Cleaning up your planning from time to time reduces planning mistakes and deletes unused materials. Click in the top left corner on “file” and select “purge” to clean up your planning.

Tip 2: Work in DWG format!
If you download models from 3D Warehouse, these are usually SKP models. For pCon.planner this is no problem, because it is able to process many CAD-models from other 3D programs like SketchUp or AutoCAD. If you want to optimize the 3D models, make sure to convert it to the DWG format, which pCon.planner natively works with.

Just import the file and then without any changes drag it back to your media-browser. We used this red bench which had over 40 MB as SKP file and reduced it to 12 MB just by exporting it into DWG format. That’s a reduction by a factor of three.

Tip 3: Optimize your textures!
In the material editor you can see, that the red bench has a very high quality texture with a dimensioning of 2500×2500 Pixels. You don’t need a texture this big for every piece of furniture in a whole room, it just blows up the file size.

You can export the texture by right clicking on it in the material editor and reduce it’s size with the common Windows tools. Just open the image, click resize and save it in the desired quality. In this case the texture was 4 MB and could be reduced to around 500 KB – that’s a reduction by a factor of eight!

After that just attach the new smaller texture to your model, purge the planning and save it again as DWG file. After all, the file size could be reduced from over 40 MB at the start to around 8 MB at the end. That’s a reduction by a factor of five in just five minutes!

Some notes at the end: Not with every model this process does make such a big difference. Due to the large number of formats, there is no uniform solution for all of them. Some models are optimized for a certain program or render algorithm and you should trust the creator with this! In any case: Make sure to use the powerful conversion algorithm of pCon.planner to reduce meshes and your file size effectively.

You want to start? Then download the free version of pCon.planner now!

Download pCon.planner 8.1*The download button is for the free standard version of pCon.planner.

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