Coming in October: 3D Warehouse Download only with registration

5 replies on “Coming in October: 3D Warehouse Download only with registration

  • carlos de paiva rodrigues

    good morning i think this is a very complicated idea…
    each time i try to download models i have a very hard time, this was really a terrible idea…

    • Timmy

      Thanks for your feedback! Please keep in mind, that we are not the operator of 3D Warehouse. We have just incorporated the portal from the company “Trimble” in pCon.planner.

  • Peter Parke

    As an Educator of Middle School students that use Sketchup this is almost like prying into their personal life to us the program….

    What a terrible idea from someone who wants to micromanage other peoples life.

    Please make it easy for students and teachers that are trying to get kids interested in Engineering.

    Peter Parke
    Eagle Middle School
    Eagle, Idaho

    • Timmy

      Hey Peter,
      thanks for your reply. We are not the operator of SketchUp and 3D Warehouse, we have just incorporated their library in our software pCon.planner.
      We just needed to inform our users because they are using 3D Warehouse frequently. If you are not happy with the account policy of SketchUp, please contact them.
      Best regards from the pCon-Team!

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