pCon.planner: Set the right scale for inserted floor plans

The pCon.planner processes architect floor plans in various formats. The process is kept as simple as possible: Just insert the plan and start furnishing. But here a serious error can occur if the scaling of the floor plan is not correct in the working area.

If you plan on such a wrongly scaled floor plan, there will be a nasty awakening at the point you insert the first furniture. In order to avoid frustration, it is advisable to check the scaling at the beginning and adjust it if necessary.

If you want to do so, go to the dimensioning tools and select the “Tape Measure”. This allows you to measure any distance and see if it has the right length. In the following image you can see, that the length of the line is 80cm while it should be 1,10m.

Before you can bring the floor plan to the right scale, you have to group it, so you can scale it all in one. This has advantages later on, because you can select it at any line and hide or unhide the grouped plan after you already inserted room elements and furniture.

To scale the plan we use the same name tool found in the “Edit” Tab. After you have selected the tool, you set a distance you want to scale. The first click sets the start point and the second one the endpoint. Now move the mouse and stay on the yellow (proportional line) to scale the floor plan proportionally. You can then use the Tape Measure again to check if the distance is correct.

The same method can be used to scale images or other objects in pCon.planner. You can now be sure that you plan all walls and room elements on a correctly scaled floor plan.

If you have further questions regarding pCon.planner you are welcome to leave a comment. In our help center you can find more detailed information about scaling objects.

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