pCon.planner: Place objects accurately to size and pick heights

The alignment of room and furnishing elements plays an important role in planning. It’s all about one thing: accuracy – for lengths, widths and heights. These are values that are usually specified using a coordinate system.

With pCon.planner, planning is possible in both two and three dimensions. The software provides a fixed system of coordinates (known as WCS, World Coordinate System) and a variable one (known as UCS, User Coordinate System). Both of these serve to position objects. The UCS is particularly suitable for aligning objects with each other.

You can insert the UCS into any point in your design and alter its orientation. This makes the positioning of objects particularly flexible. Just press „space“ on your keyboard to move the UCS to the point where your mouse-cursor currently is.

Many users use the two-dimensional view from above to place objects in the right place. To quickly place objects at the right height in this view, you can use the height of picked objects. Just pick an object you want to place and right-click on the mouse. Then choose “Use height of picked objects” and place it on the table, the container or any other object in the planning.

You can also set a fixed height in relation to the ground or any object in the planning. The multi-window view in pCon.planner is best suited for this task. Choose a side view and press “space” to place the User Coordinate System onto the table. You can then set a height in relation to the table, for example 75cm above it. This method is also suitable for planning floors and permanently setting the insertion height to a certain value.

If you have further questions about the basics in pCon.planner, please leave a comment! More help and Video tutorials can be found in our Help-center.

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