impress: Moving Presentations

impress brings movement to the screen. 3D models in PEC format and panoramas (JPG and PNG) can be easily shared and viewed in the browser thanks to our free web service impress. It brings your designs to life – in presentations, on websites and blogs.

Galant guarantor for lasting impressions: Panoramas convey the basic mood of the room, but also allow to view see the details.
Note: The loading time of the panorama depends on the speed of your internet connection.

Tips for the extra wow effect. 360° panoramas can be presented particularly impressively on smartphones and tablets – thanks to control via integrated motion sensors. In addition to fingertip control, these allow the 360° view to be rotated by rotating the device. This works independently of the operating system on Android and iOS devices.
If the panorama on your iPhone or iPad remains motionless take a look at the settings of “Safari” (standard browser on mobile Apple devices). In most cases, you’ll simply need to enable “Motion and Orientation Access”. Safari Settings: Motion & Orientation Access
For a particularly immersive experience on the iPad or iPhone: allow “Motion and Orientation Access” in the Safari settings.

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