pCon.planner 8.0: Replace objects fast and easily

Customer wishes are decisive for any planning, but can often change. After all, you never know for sure what you like before you’ve seen it.

Think big
If, however, you are dealing with a large planning and multiple elements, changing a small detail can prove to be cumbersome and time-consuming. Even if only the model of the chairs has to change. Each chair must be selected individually by hand and replaced by a different model. At least this has been the case so far.

Minimize efforts
The new version 8.0 of the pCon.planner makes it easy for you to replace articles.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your planning you are able to select many articles with one click and exchange them with a second click. And this feature is a part of all the editions of the room planner.

That’s how it works:
Select the desired articles – you can read how exactly this works in our blog entry Select Articles.

To replace, click on the function of the same name in the “Edit” tab. If you now click on another element in your planning, all previously selected articles will be replaced by this element.

Watch the Replace Objects video to see what the feature can do for you.

Furthermore you can generate reference copies of the chosen element. This means that the changes performed on the element will now be transferred to all its reference copies.

Of course you can replace all kinds of objects and not only articles. The only requirement for successful replacement is that the item which will be the substitute must already be inside the planning, otherwise it cannot be selected.

What do you get out of it?
This new function makes it particularly easy for you to quickly make changes to your planning. There is no additional effort worth mentioning for you. You can respond to customer wishes much better and still maintain a high degree of flexibility in planning.

Hopefully you are looking forward to explore the new function. Download the pCon.planner 8.0 here!

Find additional information on how to replace objects in the pCon.planner Help Center.

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