pCon.facts – New version faster than Santa Clause

For retailers and Santa Clause: the new version of pCon.facts is now available for download. If you are looking for inspiration, you will find it here. 😉

That is new:

  • Safety first.
    A project is only created when the first article is added to the article list. Above that, the new auto save function automatically saves your work progress.
  • Templates simplifies presentations.
    A projects can now be converted to a template, which is then used as a template for presentations – the original remains unchanged.
  • More space for words.
    A new layout for the PDF article list leaves more room for descriptions.
  • Cosmetic surgery.
    In addition, we made several small improvements to optimize the user experience. Already discovered?

More information and DOWNLOAD here.

Take a glimpse into the app 🙂

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