pcon.planner 8.0: Batch Rendering

Great renderings need time. In addition, whoever triggers the rendering in the room planner cannot continue planning. Until now, because the long-awaited feature has finally arrived.

The solution
This is why we made it easy for you to do just that in the new pCon.planner 8.0!

With the new Batch Rendering for pCon.planner Pro you are able to use the planner while rendering images in the background. That will make it easy for you to make changes or display different versions of the product in the future – without time being an issue.

Selecting and rendering more than one camera view at a time is another important advantage. If the blue chair needs demonstration from the left, right and the front, you can export all views at once for rendering. This allows you to use your time efficiently while being able to focus on your work without unnecessary distractions.

This video shows you how to use the new Batch Renderer.

Furthermore the rendering can also be completely outsourced to another computer or system. This saves local resources for planning, delivers your results faster and increases your productivity.

Additionally you are able to edit the organisation of your render jobs afterwards in the batch rendering web interface. Individual jobs can be paused, stopped, deleted or the order of all can be changed. This results in a high degree of planning flexibility right up to the final steps of creation.

In a nutshell: What do you get out of it

  • Efficient use of time
  • Focused Working
  • High planning flexibility
  • Increased productivity

Try out the new functions of pCon.planner 8.0 and enjoy the uncomplicated batch rendering! Download the trial version here and test it for 30 days.

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