pCon.planner 8.0: New Material Model enhances real-time view

Materials make the difference
Appealing presentation does not only require beautiful furniture and thought-out planning, the right materials are also crucial. In addition they have a massive influence on the realism of the planning and can therefor make the difference between good and brilliant visuals.
Therefore we improved the material model for pCon.planner 8.0.

The new model can…
The new model enables a realistic and appealing representation of materials in real-time mode while being supported for rendering with OSPRay. It is based on physical rendering which means that the materials behave physically plausible. Accordingly the material model works in all possible lighting scenarios.

This makes it even easier to create high-quality image material, while planning continues to gain in realism. All this reduces the effort required for great presentations to a minimum.

In comparison: Real-time display in pCon.planner 7 (before) and pCon.planner 8 (after).

Influence on the Material Editor
Furthermore the material editor has been revised and is now more structured. A limitation to a few parameters makes it easy to adjust the materials, while the pCon.planner help in the chapter Materials describes exactly what the parameters do.
The increased user-friendliness in the Material Editor makes it even easier for you to create realistic and effective representations. This gives you the opportunity to bring life into your planning.

You would rather see with your own eyes what this new model can achieve? Then try the pCon.planner 8.0 with its new features now.

And who knows, maybe a material-tastic surprise will be waiting for you soon…

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