Walter Knoll – available on pCon

Walter Knoll was established back in 1865 in Stuttgart, Germany. The well-esteemed company gained recognition from its refined furniture targeted for offices and conferences, along with its elegantly designed sofas and other pieces used in the decoration of commercial spaces.
Walter Knoll on pCon
Excellent craftsmanship, high-quality materials and durable design are the factors that distinguish the brand. Walter Knoll collaborations with well-known designers, including EOOS, Norman Foster, Ben van Berkel and Claudio Bellini, brings forth iconic pieces that withstand the test of time.

You can now find Walter Knoll’s wide range of timeless designs within the world of pCon. Incorporate them into your projects in pCon.planner and AutoCAD, using the planning data Walter Knoll provides via pCon.catalog. For interior designers and space planners, the company also made its data available in OFML format. You can also use them in the app to take them to the point of sale.Walter Knoll OFML Data
Head on to this page to find out more about Walter Knoll and its data dedicated to pCon and OFML.

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