Insider’s tips on efficient 3D planning with pCon.planner

Do you consider yourself as an expert of pCon.planner? If the answer is yes, let’s see if you know the program inside and out ;) for those of you who are not experts, here are some useful tips and tricks to ease your way through:Floorplan
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1. Sync your wall thickness with an existing plan
If you happen to be planning your design based on a loaded floor plan (in .pdf or image formats), you’re in great luck! You can create and place walls right on it, where you can adjust the width of the walls alike. This would be handy when you are working with a floor plan with various wall widths. Also, press ‘T’ to raise the tape measure tool that helps to evenly equate the width of the wall with the floor plan.

2. Copying objects with Array
This tool allows any number of repeat objects to be created within your plan – it enables objects to be placed in a straight line or in a circle (super handy when you are planning to put several chairs around a conference table at once as shown below :D ) Go to this page to learn more about it.
Array Tool: Step by Step
3. CTRL to duplicate your objects
This goes without saying – rather than using the conventional way to multiply your objects, you can simply use the CTRL button and clicking on the desired object at the same time and voilà, the replica will get ‘attached’ to the cursor!

4. Augmenting wall elements… and so on
Normally, when you insert a wall element (such as doors, windows, you name it ;) ) into a plan- you have to manually set them through the Properties settings (which can be quiet time-consuming). However, pCon.planner has a feature that would let you set wall elements precisely at one go! That means- its position, width and opening directions can be modified even at the wall creation stage. Simply tick the “Enhanced Element Placement” option, which can be found under the Room Elements group.

5. Get more from Properties
Do you need to see the properties of multiple objects within your design? You can head to the Property Editor (which you can find on the first button in the right side of your pCon.planner). Right click anywhere within the Property Editor to get the dialog box shown below. Tick “Show all Properties” and from now on, all properties of selected objects will be displayed – as opposed to only the properties the selected objects have in common.

Insider’s tips on efficient 3D planning with pCon.planner tips room planning pCon.planner

Are you eager to learn or expand your knowledge on pCon.planner? You can do so by heading on to our Help Center to learn more or even book our training courses!

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