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Innovative ideas may be the capital for creative decision-makers, but even the best ideas can’t succeed if they aren’t seen. It’s essential to leave an impression – lasting and positive. That’s where impress comes in!

Explore ideas individually
impress is the service to help you share your space ideas and bring focus to your designs. Not only are furnishing proposals seen, but clients and prospective customers can explore the big picture as well as discover the details; at their own pace and from their own point of view. Interactive presentations – for impressions that last.

Embed 3D models easily into blogs and websites thanks to impress.
Permission to touch: use the left mouse button to rotate the 3d model, drag it with the right one and zoom in and out on the model by using the scroll wheel.

For websites, blogs or just because.
When it comes to application and use, the sky’s the limit. Embed your 3D models (in PEC format) and panoramic views into product websites, blogs and online shops or present your designs in the browser without problem. The VR mode for 360° panoramas ensures that extra wow effect. With the help of a cardboard headset, your product presentation becomes immersive exploration that won’t be forgotten!

What else do you need to know about impress? Take a look at our video:

Get started now: Show your ideas with impress!
No costs, no registration, no catch!

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One Response to impress – Share Ideas, Discover Design

  1. June 20, 2018 at 11:33 am Libor Stolc says:

    I think that your Impress is really very interesting and useful online tool for sharing 3D designs to end users. I have been informing about Impress my customers and I informed about Impress in my article in magazine CAD 2/2018, too.
    I hope that within a short time my customers can use both Impress and in Czech language.