OFML Catalog: Make it Matter

Interesting for manufacturers who want to increase the relevance of their OFML catalog …

Supporting retailers through planning solutions in OFML catalogs. With the new exchange format PEC (see also “PEC connects designer and consultant”), manufacturers can incorporate typicals into their OFML catalogs. This way, they’re not only showing individual articles, but are also able to communicate solution proposals within their commercial networks. Such planned solutions make it possible for the sales team to develop high-quality furnishing concepts efficiently and to incorporate specific product knowledge directly into their customer interactions.

Planning solutions always up-to-date. Like single articles, settings must always be up-to-date: which variants of the articles are available, what are the current prices – whoever advises customers must be able to make reliable statements. So how to maintain the typicals? For this, the free Article Update Plugin for pCon.planner PRO has the answer. Using this plugin, entire folders can be automatically converted into the appropriate format (PEC) and updated.

Professional users can download the Article Update Plugin in the EasternGraphics forum (X3G-ArticleUpdate 1.4). The created content can easily be integrated into the catalog with the pCon.creator 2.14 and is then available for further processing in all relevant pCon products.

Increase the relevance of your OFML catalog with configurable planning solutions. The integration of planning solutions into the OFML catalog means little additional effort for your database, but offers a smart opportunity to bring product sophistication into the sales network and therefore to the customers. This increases professionalism and sales velocity.

Do you have questions about the Article Update Plugin or the new exchange format PEC? Let us know. We’d be happy to help you discover the potential of your OFML catalogs!

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