Security flaws within Sentinel License Development Kit (LDK®) – What to do?

Security experts have uncovered security flaws within the License Management System Sentinel License Development Kit (LDK®) of the company Gemalto. These have been fixed with the current version 7.63 of this tool (Sentinel Runtime Environment).

EasternGraphics uses this tool for license protection reasons for some of our software applications such as pCon.planner Pro, pCon.creator and pCon.basket Network license server.

Gemalto recommends the installation of the new version 7.6.3 of the “Sentinel SDK” for all affected users.

To support our customers at the best during this step, EasternGraphics now provides a new version of the EGR License Manager (EGR-SafenetActivation) which includes this new version of the “Sentinel LDK”. You can download and install the new version 2.2.4 of that EGR-SafenetActivation via this Link.

Who should install this new version?

  • all users of pCon.planner Pro.
  • all users of network license servers of pCon.planner Pro
  • all users of pCon.creator
  • all users of  a license server of pCon.basket, pCon.update or pCon.xcad – in this case the new version has to be installed only on the server

For customers who work with our distribution software “pCon.update”, the license manager (EGR-SafenetActivation) will be updated automatically within the next few days.


If you are not sure whether the affected “Sentinel LDK” is used on your system, you can check this by inserting the following link into your web browser: http://localhost:1947/_int_/diag.html

This opens the web page of the “Sentinel LDK“, where you can find information about the version installed on your system. In the section “Run Time” you will find the version number (Run Timer installer). If the listed version is lower than version 7.6.3, the installation of the update is recommended for your system. If there is no web page available in your web browser, your system don’t use the “Sentinel LDK” and you don’t have to do anything.

Please be aware that the installation of the license manager (EGR-SafenetActivation) might take some time (10 – 20 minutes).

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