New Branch in Turkey

EasternGraphics is expanding its sales network by establishing a new branch in Turkey. The managing director, Mr. Caglar Özgür, had been working in the company’s headquarter in Ilmenau and most recently as product manager for pCon.planner (read also “Backstage: pcon.planner“).  He has now returned to his homeland and takes responsibility for handling customers from Turkey and the Middle East with industry-specific expertise supported by an extensive experience involving graphical configuration and innovative 3D planning.

EasternGraphics – Sales Area Turkey & Middle East
EasternGraphics Software Services Ltd.
Balçova / İzmir
Tel.: +90 546 565 05 23

New Branch in Turkey Turkey EasternGraphics EasternGraphics Locations in Europe. Recent addition: Subsidiary in Izmir, Turkey.

An overview of all EasternGraphics offices and our sales partners in Germany and abroad can be found here.

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