Compressed air for every use – ALMiG compressors in the pCon.catalog

In the industrial sector, compressors can be found in many different forms, as they are usually used for a very specific purpose. The highly developed technologies aim to combine the quitest possible running performance, optimal energy efficiency and the particularly careful handling of resources.

One of the leading system providers in compressed air technology is ALMiG, which stands for Automatische Luftpumpen – Made in Germany (automatic air pumps – Made in Germany). Distinguished as one of the 100 companies for resource efficiency of the state of Baden-Württemberg in germany, the company offers its customers the full range of screw-, piston-, scroll- and turbo compressors or even special equipment with extensive services.

As a planning tool, the company relies on pCon.planner and has accordingly stored its product data in the online portal pCon.catalog. Register for access to the ALMiG online catalog and use a variety of large and small compressor systems for your plannings.

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