pCon.box Appdate! Sales Tool Brings Planning Solutions to the POS

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Smart Presentation for Consultation-intensive Products. Planning interiors, presenting solutions – and all that exactly where the action takes place: at the point of sale. With the pCon.box, you can configure, present and share customer solutions at the tap of the screen. Plus, you’ll have all your article information with you at all times on your smartphone or tablet. In the spotlight: successful communication with your customers. Mobile OFML, expert consulting.

From Product to Customer Solution in No Time. A new version of our Sales App is now available and is bringing with it a fast and comfortable path from product to holistic customer solutions.

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New Version Highlight: Importing the Entire Solution

  • Solutions created in pCon.planner can be easily and quickly imported into pCon.box thanks to a new exchange format (PEC). In addition to graphic representation, this format also includes commercial data. That means there’s nothing standing in your way of further processing the information within the sales app – both before the sale and with the customer. Read more in our newsletter.

Additional Features

  • Leave Your business card. Those creating solutions can leave more than just an impression. Professional users can now look forward to branding their creations, as well. Article lists, images, etc. will be furnished with the user’s name and organization.
  • From product selection to calculation. Thanks to a new Excel export, article lists can be transferred into Excel and further edited on request.
  • Visualization without 3D geometries. The new version of pCon.box also supports purely commercial articles without 3D visualization. Articles consisting solely of text and image information are inserted into the plan as small markers, and can be positioned like any other 3D model. The catalog image is also shown in the article list.
  • From pCon.box into AR and other apps. Graphical symbols (DWG,3DS, FBX) from your plan can be opened in other apps directly from the pCon.box.

Learn more about the new features and use cases over the next few days on the pCon-Blog.

Have fun!

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