Store Window Design – Convincing Peeks Inside Shopping Worlds

A shop window is able to achieve a lot. More than you might think when passing by. That’s why a well-made display window is still the number one choice for advertising – it stops the customer, makes him interested in buying and subsequently he will become a convinced client.
And yet, the power of a store window does not primarily derive from the shown products – a well-made window is about staging fantasies and arousing emotions. But isn’t that obsolete in times of digital media in which customers are better informed than ever? Far from it! Most of the purchase decisions are still made directly at the point of sale, which means that a store window still has the power to convince. But what is it, that makes a shop window convincing?


Stores windows are always carriers of information. They inform about price, products that are sold in a store or they showcase one product in particular. This means, they are always informing about the store itself, too. But still, some shop windows are focused on informing -  they display products and their prices. Simple and clean. But don’t forget: It’s all part of the show…
Watchmaker Store Window - focus on information


In principle, everything can be a source of inspiration. Some shop windows in particular, though, are made to inspire, to provoke the feeling of comfort, the wish to escape to a warm holiday island or the desire to buy that special pair of shoes. They can bring the world of the rich and beautiful really close to our flat pressed noses. They inspire us to take a trip to a fantasy world – which we then want to take home with us.
Shop Window that inspires to get cozy


Admittedly, presentation is a factor that always plays a huge role when designing shop windows. Come to think of it, it is only logical: every store window shows staged products or sceneries of some sorts. But in some cases, the presentation itself seems to play the lead ;)
iWatch Store Window - It's all about presentation

A store window fulfills several purposes: sometimes information is in the focus, sometimes it is about inspiration. And it always is about a unique presentation in a way that allows a clear distinction from one shop to the store next to it. It is supposed to tell a brand’s story and bring out its very own uniqueness.

But with all individuality – there is one thing all store windows have in common: every one of them has to be planned and designed! And of course you can use our 3d room planner pCon.planner for that!

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One Response to Store Window Design – Convincing Peeks Inside Shopping Worlds

  1. November 27, 2017 at 11:05 am Angela Campbell says:

    Thanks for an interesting read. As a store owner myself, I look for other stores inspiration every time I have a chance to improve my own!