Order Processing – Clear Communication Takes It All

Today we’ve got a little something for the pCon pros! That means, those who use pCon.basket (desktop version) and/or pCon.planner PRO should keep on reading – and, of course, all those looking for process solutions for their companies, too. :)

Complexity unseen – this is the art of the sale. Order processing is a complex issue, with focus lying on communication between the internal and external sales teams. The tasks for both may vary, but the objectives and dependencies are the same: both teams play a vital role in the company’s success and profit from excellent cooperation. In this case, standardized process details and conscious communication are necessary: the former adjusts the gears, while the latter ensures for smooth transmission. Good process adjustment saves time and double the work.

Planning needs during order processing. Order processing and sales activities are no one-way street. That means order handling for office and contract furnishing doesn’t always start with a drawing. A lot of offers are created without any 3D plans at all. But what if such a need does happen to arise?

The answer here lies with a new exchange format that strengthens the connectivity between the pCon.basket (desktop version) and the pCon.planner, thus facilitating communication between the sales teams and planners. The articles selected with the customer are sent to the in-house sales team as an OBK file. This can then be imported into pCon.planner PRO 7.5 and used as the basis for a room plan.

Order Processing – Clear Communication Takes It All pCon.planner PRO pCon.basket OBK

With the new pCon.planner 7.5 PRO OBK import, article lists created in pCon.basket in OBK format can be uploaded into the planning program. As a result, graphical models of the articles in their desired configurations are imported and displaced in a product matrix.

This interface provides a module for improving communication between the in-house and field sales teams, and provides the necessary tool for needs-based product and offer communication. After all, efficiency during the actual process allows more time for pre and post sales services!

You can read more about the other new feature the latest pCon.planner PRO has to offer here.


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