Setting Ground for Customer Solutions – Floor Plans in

Measuring Customer Solutions

Functionality is likely the most important aspect when it comes to office and contract furnishing. It indicates the availability of workspace and the zoning of office environments as well as features like lighting and room acoustics. But it also answers the seemingly trivial question that should be at the center of every plan: Does the desired product fit in the existing space?

Configuring in 2D Plans

Even with a yardstick in hand – a feeling of space can be difficult to convey. And those who consult in space planning can gain a great deal from being able to visually reference the size of a space. The best way to do this is with the customer’s own floor plan, the printed documentation of actual room boundaries and possibilities.

With the current version of, our sales app, it’s now possible to import a floor plan. In just a few steps, you can load the customer’s plan into the, scale it and adjust it. The plan makes it easier for the customer to make a size reference and better follow the consultant’s advice.

In just a matter of seconds, your customer’s plan can be loaded into the This can be done through the device’s photo gallery or taken live with the camera. Settings for saturation and contrast ensure the optimal display for your floor plan.

The Solution Lies in Interaction

Products may be easy to find, but a customer-oriented solution is often the result of intensive exchange. The as a medium of support for sales talks not only provides reliable data (OFML) as a basis for planning, but it also allows the user to work together with the customer to find a solution.  The more active this is used during sales talks, the more promising the prospects for success. Ergo: Pass the tablet across the table and let those on the other side try for themselves! 😉 See, comment and customize – your customers are sure to be impressed with the flexible solutions you find.

Download the on your tablet and/or smartphone or test the web version. And remember: the customer is king and communication is the key to success.


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