All Ears – How a Room Articulates Itself

This Friday, March 3 is World Hearing Day. More than anything, it’s a day to bring attention to the prevention of (organic) hearing impairment – but at the same time, a good segue into awareness of the topic “acoustics”. After all, in some cases, too much sound can also be problematic.

A side issue? Nothing of the sort! The noise level too high, the audibility too low – generally speaking, acoustic room solutions are first noticed when they are either insufficiently or poorly implemented. But the idea that room acoustics have a deciding influence on people’s productivity and well-being is undisputed and, for some time, has become a theme that furniture manufacturers across the entire industry have taken note of. The reaction has been a diversified range of acoustically-effective furniture.

In particular, when people are working side by side, the challenges of acoustics are particularly high. Have a listen! This small acoustic sample was developed in cooperation with Schall & Raum. And of course, the renderings were made with pCon.planner.

Interest piqued? Not only do design concepts have to be visually appealing, but they have to function audibly too.That’s why acoustic specialists start dealing with room acoustics design already during the planning process. Have questions about acoustics or acoustic room planning? Feel free to contact us.

To close, one last recommendation: Try listening for those sounds that you would rather not hear! 😉

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