Nils Holger Moormann – Planning with Design Classics

We create software for furniture – especially for furniture that’s this beautiful! Today we’d like to introduce one of the most innovative furniture designers in Germany, Nils Holger Moormann. The best part: one of the brand’s design classics is now available for download and further planning online in all its endless variations. But let’s start from the top…

Form follows function. He’s a self-described globetrotter, having traveled the world, with little luggage, only the essentials – and that’s exactly what you see in the designs from Nils Holger Moormann. Light weight, minimalistic form, with the functionality in focus. That most certainly doesn’t mean that the furniture is boring, however. On the contrary, the pieces are exactly like their names, humorous and classics among German furniture designs.

Nils Holger Moormann – Planning with Design Classics Moormann configuration
Bookinist, FNP Kitchen, Kant (f.l.t.r) – Furniture designs from Moormann are full with subtle humor.

Planning class with classics. With the FNP shelf, created by Axel Kufus in 1989, Moormann furniture can now be downloaded from the website for planning – in all of its facets. The modular construction of the shelf system brings with it an endlessly wide variety and the chance to create a truly individualized piece of furniture. The product configurator integrated into the website helps users put together their desired design combinations. Those wanting to use these designs offline can easily download the associated images and planning data – so nothing stands in the way of further pCon.planner work! ;)

Learn more about the configuration solution from Nils Holger Moormann!

“Furniture is the second closest thing to people.
After clothes comes furniture.”
– N.H. Moormann

If you’ve got a few minutes, we recommend taking a look at the video below, which gives a closer glimpse at Moormann’s designs.

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