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Sellex OFML Data Now in pCon.update

OFML Data for Sellex Designs Now in pCon.update room planning pCon.update OFML
The NEN chair from Sellex in the Scottish Parliament. Image source: Sellex

If benches could talk, those from Sellex would have quite a few stories to tell. From the lobby of London’s City Hall and the Scottish Parliament to the world’s largest mall in Dubai, the Spanish furniture manufacturer holds quite the resume for design integration.


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The A Complete Sales Experience

The A Complete Sales Experience sales configuration

Regardless of what a product does and how it’s used, these aspects become obsolete when the overall user experience fails to impress. Take a simple piece of furniture, for example. Sure, it could be manufactured based on the most up-to-date ergonomic research and the price may be on point, but who wants to buy it if the design just doesn’t speak to them? The key is to check all the right boxes, giving your customers the best possible experience on all fronts. That’s exactly what the ensures!


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Planning Pitched Roofs – New Tutorial

In the last few weeks we’ve been on the search for inspiration and have found and shared design ideas for rooms with sloped roofs. But before you get started on planning a space like this, you first have to build … more…

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Leaning in Style – A Ceiling with Charm

Leaning in Style – A Ceiling with Charm room planning pCon.planner configuration

Problem areas or impressive corners – rooms with pitched roofs can sometimes feel like a blessing, other times like a curse. But if you’ve got them, avoiding them won’t help. Instead, constructive ideas are needed! With just a quick browse through the web, the message is clear: you may have less space to work with, but in a few simple steps, you’ll end up with a cozy space full of personality!


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Herman Miller Expanding Available OFML Data

Herman Miller Expands Available OFML Data pCon.update OFML
Image courtesy of: Herman Miller

We spend the majority of our work day sitting. Can you imagine the impact those 6 to 8 hours have on your body? Office furniture manufacturers are well aware of the risks and are constantly working to improve and implement ergonomic and creative solutions that can proactively combat this issue. This includes furniture manufacturer Herman Miller. The firm’s sit-stand Ratio Series, for example, which works to encourage workplace activity and combat long-periods of sitting, is one of many examples of creative and effective ergonomic design.


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pCon Meets ORGATEC – Event Recap

pCon Meets ORGATEC   Event Recap OFML events
Image source: Koelnmesse. More pictures from the trade fair here.

ORGATEC has come and gone, and while the halls of the Koelnmesse have already been filled with new and exciting events, the happenings from the international trade fair for office and facility still remain – and that’s for good reason!


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The Communication at its Finest

The Communication at its Finest

Communication is key. It’s been said time and time again, and never fails to ring true. So, why not do everything in your power to establish the most efficient and effective line of communication for your sales?


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Selling Silence: ZilenZio OFML Data Now in pCon.update

Selling Silence: Zilenzio OFML Data Now in pCon.update pCon.update OFML acoustics
Image courtesy of: Zilenzio

We often speak about furniture in regard to placement. The best layout for work place productivity, how to make the most out of a small space, which type of lighting should go where. And these are all well and good, but productivity and effectiveness can only go so far without taking sound into account. Often overlooked until it gets in the way, the acoustics of an office are vital elements when it comes to work place productivity and effectiveness.


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