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The Information at your Fingertips

The Information at your Fingertips

Whether it means carrying stacks of catalogs or sending quote after quote after quote, the more products and configuration possibilities you have, the more difficult it can be to keep up with the needs and demands of your customers. Wouldn’t it be nice to compress all of this product information into one easy-to-handle solution? Yeah, we thought so too!

Our solution? An interactive sales app, carrying all the right tools for an effective and efficient sales experience. And what’s at the forefront of these tools? Information, of course.


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Carry your Sales Tools in the!

Carry your Sales Tools in the!

When it comes to consultancy and product presentation, the furniture business can be tricky. After all, you’ve got hundreds of products, each with dozens of color, textile and modular configurations of their own. How in the world are you supposed to show your customers the thousands of combination possibilities that are available to them in one sitting?

Before, it might have simply meant that you had to make sacrifices, only showing a few combinations and configurations at a time. But thanks to our new, interactive sales app, those days are long gone!


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Functional Furnishings: BuzziSpace in pCon.update

Functional Furnishings: BuzziSpace in pCon.update room planning pCon.update OFML

BuzziSpace is relentless in its pursuit of bettering the world through design. It started with acoustics. From there, the mission grew.

Driven by an unbounded passion for solving modern design challenges, BuzziSpace continuously reimagines furnishings to be more functional and more fun. The brand provides new ways of working, living and being sustainable.


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Koleksiyon Introduces OFML Data in Time for ORGATEC

Koleksiyon Introduces OFML Data in Time for ORGATEC room planning OFML 3D CAD Models
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In the furniture sector, it’s all about pushing forward – utilizing the latest technologies to create high-quality and ergonomic designs, pushing the boundaries of design and aesthetics, implementing the most environmentally-friendly practices available. At the same time, it’s important for manufacturers to look back, ensuring that they don’t lose those characteristics and classic elements that make designs timeless. Koleksiyon is the ideal example of such a dichotomy.


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A Present Ready to be Unwrapped!

It’s not yet Christmas, but we’ve already wrapped a beautiful present. Anticipation is allowed, but you’ll have to wait one more week to open it! Who’s it for and who does it serve, you ask? It’s for those who feel at home at the point of sale!

A Present Ready to be Unwrapped! sales presentation app

Emotions sell better. Unlike online, face-to-face business gives you direct contact to the customer. A direct dialog helps create a personal connection and brings with it advantages that other forms of business communications are denied. Being able to negotiate with real people broadens perspectives, as it allows you to quickly respond, adapt, suggest alternatives, and to constantly give the customer the feeling that you are working together to find a solution. This creates trust. And since we as humans use our emotions to make decisions, while simultaneously looking for rational arguments, emotional highlights also require reliable information.


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The Power of OSPRay: Realistic Renderings from Actiu

The Power of OSPRay: Realistic Renderings from Actiu rendering pCon.planner OSPRay

The latest version of pCon.planner most certainly packs a powerful render engine, and recent rendering examples from Actiu can speak to that!

The Spanish office furniture manufacturer continues to explore and utilize the full potential of pCon.planner, taking advantage of the customization possibilities of OSPRay to create the ideal lighting atmosphere for each rendering.


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The Countdown to ORGATEC Begins!

The Countdown to ORGATEC Begins! event EasternGraphics

Modern, inspiring concepts and new perspectives on market solutions are taking the lead at this year’s ORGATEC – and we’ll be there to join in on the action!

The fair will take place from October 25 – 29 at the Koelnmesse exhibition center in Cologne. You can find EasternGraphics in Hall 8.1 at Booth C048.


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