Skewed Renderings? Try the “Architect” Camera Type

We’re all familiar with it: that feeling when you look at a picture and it’s not bad, but somehow… hmm… something just isn’t right. There could, of course, be many different reasons for such an occurrence, but one in particular could be slanted or “skewed” lines.

In this case, the Architect camera type in pCon.planner may be of some help. This setting works to rid your plan of any apparent distortion caused by perspective view. With this, all of the vertical edges in your plan will also be displayed vertically in your rendering.

“How can this be done?” you ask. In the Image dialog, simply select the camera type Architect under Basic Settings.  And ta-da! Your Yafaray renderings are no longer slanting.

Rendering on the left used the Standard Camera, while the rendering on the right applied the Architect Camera type. This eliminated the distortion of image elements.

One last tip: If the angle is too “steep”, it’s best to stick with the Standard camera. Too much distortion correction could otherwise lead back to that “nice, but not so nice” reaction you were trying to avoid from the start.

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  • Ellie Davis

    Thank you for pointing out that if the angle is too steep it is best to stick with he standard camera. Rendering seems like it could be very helpful in most businesses. Hopefully, they look into finding the right company to help them with this.

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