What’s on your Walls?

Well it looks like you’re done. You’ve got your room constructed, every piece of furniture in the exact position it should be, and the lighting in perfect. Yet, something just isn’t sitting right. Why is it that the room doesn’t look as realistic as you imagined? What’s missing?

It’s likely that you’re missing the finer details. You know, the ones we overlook on a daily basis, yet they’re the exact details that make the space our own. Knowing to reach to the right to find the light switch in the dark or that there’s an extra electrical socket behind the bed, just in case you want to charge your laptop and binge watch your favorite show in comfort. Look around, these wall objects are everywhere. And although they often go unnoticed, without them, something just doesn’t look right.

Luckily, when you’re planning in pCon.planner, you most certainly don’t have to go without them. It’s quick and easy to attach any object to your constructed walls, whether we’re talking light switches and thermostats or paintings and televisions.

The Basics

So we’ve already established that there are certain wall objects that every room needs. Without them, it’s just not complete. Within the pCon.planner you’ll find the Wall Objects Catalog. This contains all the essentials. Telephone sockets, security systems, network hookups – they’re all there! Once you’ve found what you need, inserting them into your plan is crazy easy. Simply pick your object and click on the wall where you’d like it attached.

What’s on your Walls? planning pCon.planner 3D CAD Models

Getting Creative

Once you’ve got your basics where they need to be, it’s time to spice up your space a bit. Think back to what the walls looked like in the spaces you’ve been in. Most certainly there was something hanging on the wall — maybe a flat screen in the den, or a whiteboard hanging over the desk in your home office… not to mention paintings or family photos warming up the room. These are all of the little extras you need to make a space go from well-put-together to something special.

These may not be in the Wall Objects Catalog, but in pCon.planner, you can make anything a wall object! Browse through the pCon catalog or pCon collection in the 3D Warehouse to find exactly what you need for your space. Once you’ve attached it to the wall, simply select the object and the wall and choose the “Attach Object to Wall” option within the Room Elements menu. You’ve now created a new wall object!

What’s on your Walls? planning pCon.planner 3D CAD Models

If you want to kick it up another notch, you can even use your own 3D drawing elements as wall objects. This is perfect for those extra-realistic details, like cable ducts and wires from your hanging electronics!

Alright, now that you’re equipped with all the knowledge, it’s time to take your plan from good to great by adding those little finishing touches. Feel free to share your finished designs with us – we love to see what you come up with!

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