Connect lines, but not forever!

Do you use the polyline tool in pCon.planner? Then we’ve got a tip for you today!

Say you create a line in planner and, at some point, you place a second line at the end of the first. Generally, the second line will automatically snap to the first polyline, merging the elements to form one polyline. This is in fact a very useful tool for many applications.

But what if you want to assign different hatching to just one of the lines, for example? In this case, you may want to connect the two lines, but also have them remain separate elements. In pCon.planner, this is possible with the help of the new Connecting enabled, connecting disabled feature in the context menu. By default, this setting is enabled.

Together, but not merged

This feature is extremely easy to use during the drawing process. To do so, draw your first line. Then, while drawing the second line, right click with the mouse. A drop-down menu will then appear with the entry Disable join. Click this, and you will have two separate lines.

The context menu entry Disable join is also available for when you’re moving polylines. So when you move the two lines together, they will no longer snap into one polyline.

One last tip…

If you would prefer to always work with lines as separate elements, you can uncheck the box for Automatically connect snapped lines under the “Edit” tab in the program settings. Isn’t the planner smart? 😉

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