pCon.planner 7.3 Auto-Update is activated!

As of today, users of all versions of our interior design software can get the new features of pCon.planner 7.3 via AutoUpdate.
How? Just click “Update now” when starting pCon.planner the next time.
Why? Because there are great new functions in both, the free and the PRO version of pCon.planner!
AutoUpdate pCon.planner 7.3You are already working with pCon.planner 7.3? You still should update your software because as of today, we provide the first patch for pCon.planner version 7.3.

Enjoy the new features :)!

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3 replies on “pCon.planner 7.3 Auto-Update is activated!

    • Anna

      Hi Adam,

      Yes, there is an update for pCon.planner ME.
      You should get an updated version from whomever you got the pCon.planner ME in the first place (probably a Manufacturer?).

      It’s best to ask them for an updated version. If you still have trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us again.


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