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Plan with Magis: New OFML Data Now Available

Uniformity, continuity, monotony… after a while, repetition gets boring. It’s only human nature then that we’re constantly searching for something new and different, and that includes the furniture we use. When it comes to this field, Magis is the hero of furniture design, so to speak, using what the company describes as “designs without boundaries” to help set them apart from the rest.

Plan with Magis: New OFML Data Now Available pCon.update OFML configuration


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New Planner, New Print Process

Once a plan is complete, the next step is to capture it, as quickly and as easily as possible, bot as a high-quality printout and as a PDF file. With this, not only is the quality of the resulting printout important, but also the freedom to print the exact format you want – and to make the entire process as easy as possible through user-friendly interactions.

Combination printing works to optimize printouts more…

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pCon.planner in the eyes of an interior designer

Lorena Štimac is an interior designer from Zagreb who stumbled across pCon.planner while working for her former employer. Eventually she began using the planner for her own projects, from the design phase up until the presentation. She’s been sold on the software ever since – that goes from both personal and business projects.

“So with pCon.planner I am able to transfer my ideas into 3D visualization in just a couple of hours alone and still be the first with the offer as well as with the concept.”

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Behind the Scenes: Meet the Support Team

Most would know them from emails or recognize their voices from the phone. That’s right, we’re talking about our colleagues in the Support Department. We spoke with the specialists and now we know for sure: Support is much more than the notorious question: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Behind the Scenes: Meet the Support Team
Our three telephone experts likely have more customer contact than anyone else at the firm: Nicole, Dennis and Andrea.


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Lighten Up With Artemide

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When you’re planning a room and finally deciding how to furnish it, what comes to mind first? We know sometimes this task is not as easy as it sounds. But maybe we can shine some light on the problem. more…

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